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Emhar 1:72 A7V Panzer Sturmpanzerwagen

A nice easy build. I converted the main gun to a socle mounting. I was happy with it until I had to paint the name and side numeral. Surprisingly, the name was easier than the number, but I wasn’t in the mood to create my own decals… so it is what it is.

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12 responses to Emhar 1:72 A7V Panzer Sturmpanzerwagen

  1. Looks good from here, Chris….I would think one really couldn’t go wrong weathering a beast like this. Guns pokin’ out everywhere! Probably wasn’t too pleasant firing them from the INSIDE, huh? Nice little piece of armor.

  2. A very well done “monster” great job on this one, will be an interesting sight to see it side by side with a modern tank ! Again superp !

  3. Great weathering on a small model Chris!

  4. AWESOME. It takes skill to build tanks and weather them properly in 1/35 scale. To be able to do it SO expertly in 1/72nd scale is AMAZING!!!!

  5. Nice work there Chris, on that sale too, I can only echo the comments above.
    Well done sir.

  6. Your concern about hand painting the number & name is probably misplaced. I would imagine both were applied in the field & probably free hand. Plus it gives your panzer some extra personality.
    Well done & nicely weathered.

  7. Chris,
    Great job. I think you did an excellent hand painting job on the number and name.

  8. Hi Chris. Had to double check the scale on this. Very convincing look in 1/72 scale. The hand painted name looks great and the number can be seen to be painted in the field compared to the uniform stencil-painted crosses. Nice tribute to the 100 year commemoration.

  9. Like the others have said, Chris, hand painting the numbers in that scale takes some skill, and the rest of the finish is superb.

  10. Could you imagine the terror when these first lumbered their way onto the battfield? Great model! Well done Chris.
    California Steve

  11. Well done Chris, I have to agree, your hand painted markings and weathering look great

  12. Thanks to everyone that commented.

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