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F-84 G Thunderjet, Tamiya in 1/48 scale

Hi, here is a “walkaround” on my F-84 G Thunderjet from Tamiya, it is a good kit, like almost
all Tamiya – kits it is free from trouble.
My intention was a korean war fighter bomber, the kit decals look great on the sheet, leave them there ! It is not new, that they are way too thick, i had to learn this on my own 🙁
rescue came from the also very good Revell/Monogram kit, i used the decals for a
“G” from the Royal Netherlands Airforce, the aircraft was on inventory by the 311. Sqn.
Volkel airbase in july 1953 ( Revell did this research).
After all, these markings are a good idea, because most of the “G” models were given
to allied airforces.
I did this kit along a Revell F-86 D in the last summer but made some “readjustments some
weeks before, the round access panel on the canopy is still undone !
Colors are from the Humbrol and Revell range, i did not want a highly polished one, so i used
HU 11/RV 90 +/- a few drops black for the differend metal shades.

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15 responses to F-84 G Thunderjet, Tamiya in 1/48 scale

  1. Sehr GUT mein freund!!! I also have this GREAT kit. Tamiya did a stellar job on it. The decals are too thick as you correctly stated. I bought an aftermarket Korean War decal sheet with a dragon motif on the fuselage. You really captured the look of the Dutch F-84G’s. AWESOME!!

  2. Nice Thunderjet Bernd. Didn’t the Luftwaffe operate these types?

  3. Hi, thank you both for your comments !
    @ Morne, These early jets are highly interesting subjects, while having delays in my business, i started the sell some of my private stash the solve the household, the Skyray was one of that kits, sadly, i guess you should take another decalsheet, the kit ones look like those from the F-84.

    It would be very nice if you can report how much weight is necessary, to put the Tigercat on it s three wheels.

    @Gregor: The Luftwaffe operate the swept-wing versions F-84F and the Rf-84 as well, The F-84 is one of my favorite jets, many versions, lots of marking options and some great kits to build, i finished a Luftwaffe F-84 F
    a jear ago, maybe i will post it after a refurbish, those yellow/white seals are not my strongest point,i still like the ones from Monogram, but there is a new one from HobbyBoss, maybe good too.


    • Hi Bernd. It’s difficult to say how much weight. Originally AMT provided an oil drum as tail support. I saw photos of Tigercats parked in Korea sitting on their tails due to empty fuel tanks in the wings. Mine is going to be posed as part of a diorama with the oil drum support and open engine cowling.

  4. Yes i have the F7F-2/2N kit in my stash, a oil drum is not the right stuff for
    a carrier aircraft or one fron a test center. And i have seen pictures of Tigercats sitting on their tails as well ( Live Magazine?). I belive this will not
    work ( or look good) on a model.
    Can t wait to see your cat ! Grumman created great piston engined aircraft

  5. Very nice natural metal finish on this, Bernd, and I think those Dutch markings really set it off.

  6. Hi George, yes a good combination, in “real live” it is not so shiny, but on
    that day the sun outside was perfect.
    Maybe i will give these metal colors someday a go
    Thank you !

  7. Interesting to seevthis aircraft in other than U.S. markings. Yours is very well done. I have built this model & don’t remember how much weight I put in the nose but it sits on all three wheels. I have a tendency to put too much in by using shot or lead mixed in a heavy plaster & poured in. You need to make sure the area for the mix is well sealed because it will run where ever it can. If you try this fill each half of the fuselage before gluing together.

  8. Hi Al, according to Bert Kinzey 789 “G” models were flown by the U.S Airforce
    2236 were flow by the allies !
    I guess it was a bit misleading, the nose weight was about a F7F project
    mentioned here.
    Tamiya includes a metal weight, wich is a very nice touch, but thank you with your advice about plaster.
    Years ago, i used a plasticine with imbedded lead, after a few years that
    stuff melted the plastic ! This is the reason my collection lacks so many
    great jets.
    BTW. the detail and scale book for the F-84 is sadly the only one i got and somewhat hard to get in germany, is there a nice shop outthere with these items in stock ?

  9. Very well done F-84 Bernd. Excellent work closing up the gun cover in front of the cockpit.

  10. Bernd,
    Allow me to add my sincere but belated compliments on this model. I too, very much like the F-84. Over the years I have done a lot of them, a Monogram Speedee-Built and Super Scale solid, Hawk, and I have a started but not finished Tamiya. Yours is an inspiration and may charge me to get off my #%* and finish it. Again my compliments on a magnificent looking model.

  11. Thank you Frank, the F-84 series is probaly my favorite 1950er Jet fighter plane. Restart your Tamiya kit, but keep an eye for different decals, mine were too thick and resisted my setting solutions.
    Thats pretty sad, because they look great and contains great looking marking options. On the other hand my dutch F-84 is quite unique.

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