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F-86 D Sabre Dog

This is Revell’s SUPERB F-86 D Sabre Dog dressed up in the colourful markings of the unit commander of the famous 94th ‘Hat in a Ring’ Squadron based at Selfridge AFB, Michigan 1959. The F-86 D was the hottest looking thing in the inventory of ADC during the early 1950’s. It’s shark-like sleek nose adds to its purposeful look. Armament comprised 24 70mm ‘Mighty Mouse’ FFAR’s as offensive weapons against Russian bombers. As an Interceptor the F-86 D was fitted with an on-board air-intercept radar housed in the nose. It played an important role within ADC’s mission parameters pending the delivery of the first Century-series Interceptor, the F-102 Delta Dagger. The Dog Sabre managed to look elegant and aggressive all at the same time (similar to the P-51 D Mustang) and was one of the most aesthetically pleasing interceptors of the early 1950’s

This build was an OOB build with NO aftermarket goodies. Frankly you don’t need to use any aftermarket stuff, only if you want to display it in different markings. The decal sheet was comprehensive indeed. ALL the prominent stencilling are included which is really nice. Every stencil, even the tiny ones, were all legible and well printed. I used Model Master buffing and non-buffing metalizers to obtain its natural metal finish. I chose not to weather the model that much since reference photos depict the unit commander’s bird in pristine condition.

19 additional images. Click to enlarge.

26 responses to F-86 D Sabre Dog

  1. Another stunner Morne. Have you got anything with flaws that you can post so that us mortals don’t feel so inadequate?

  2. A stellar build, Morne…fantastic job – I love it.

  3. Only have read good things about this kit, and here is another example of those articles. Impressive build of the Sabre Dog. It’s a wonder I don’t have this kit. Outstanding work Morne, thanks for sharing.

  4. Fantastic build Morne, very nicely done.

  5. Looks good Morne.
    I like the NMF you gave it.
    Well done sir.

  6. Awesome Sabre Dog Morne. I think it’s possibly the best engineered kit I’ve ever built.

  7. Another home run for sure Morne. An absolutely striking build. What a pleasure it is to see models built to that standard of quality. Well done !!!

  8. Great job on the nat. metal Morne. really looks sharp. And thanks for including the close-ups of the stenciling – cool that you can actually read it. Very nice clean build!

  9. Hi Morne, simply a stunning buld, the NMF looks great and the details as well!
    These kits are fun to build, maybe one of the best kit Revell ever produced,

  10. Just plain beautiful, Morne. Your NMF tone on tone is exemplary. Did you use the kit decals or paint for the yellow & black tail stripes?
    Cheers, Tony

  11. Pure dead brilliant Morne – beautifully finished.

  12. It’s great, Morne, I’m sure that the Revell kit is as good as everyone says, but it takes real skill to turn out a model that looks as impressive as this one.

  13. Morane,
    Every time I view one of your posts I know I am going to see a gem. This is gorgeous

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