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Fw-190 F-8 (Pb 1) “Panzerblitz”

From 1943 the Fw-190 F-8 started to replace the Stuka in most Luftwaffe Schlachtgeschwader. Even the famous Stuka ace, Hans Ulrich Rudel (Highest decorated pilot in the Luftwaffe) flew the F-8.
As the Red Army pushed toward the borders of the Reich, German scientists started to develop aerial weaponry that were cutting edge for their time in order to stem the tide of the Red Army advance. One of these weapons were the Panzerblitz (Pb 1). This weapon was an anti-armour missile comprising an 80 mm mortar grenade mated with the R4M air-to-air missile. This allowed the warhead to penetrate 90 mm of steel armour. The SS-controlled weapons factory at Brno in Czechoslovakia produced some 43850 of these missiles by February 1945.
This is Tamiya’s 1/48 scale Fw-190 F-8 (Pb 1) in the colours of Schlachtgeschwader 10 operating in Hungary during the winter of 1944 and early 1945. The aircraft is armed with 12 Panzerblitz missiles, twin 13 mm MG 131’s in the upper nose deck and two MG 151 cannons, one in each wing root. In the ground-attack role the Fw-190 F-8’s were armour plated with armour between 5 – 8 mm in thickness to protect the engine and the pilot.
The model is sprayed with Modelmaster enamels from their RLM range. Panel lines were highlighted using brown water colour paint.

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26 responses to Fw-190 F-8 (Pb 1) “Panzerblitz”

  1. Wicked scheme morne…..nicely built.

  2. Talk about packing a Wollip!! Well done Morne. That is some real nice paint you applied to this model.
    California Steve

  3. Nice job all-around, Morne…paint, detail, photos – everything!

  4. This is another weapon I have never heard of.
    Thanks for the info.
    Very good representation.

  5. Another excellent job, Morne. Awesome paint work !

  6. very sweet model…wonderful paint

  7. Ausgezeichnet ! A great one, Morne. This is the scheme i wanted more than
    twice to do, but deterred while it s hard to spray on. You did this ” aus dem Handgelenk heraus” stunning !
    I agree with the ModelMaster paints, they are great.
    Started this year not one but two Eduard 190s we will see…..

  8. Great work yet again Morne.
    Wonderful paintwork and some nice pics too.
    Well done sir.

  9. There’s that Aztek airbrush working its magic again!

  10. That must have been a time consuming work – the camo looks great (yet again). Nice one Morne

  11. Great Butcher Bird there Morne. Love the camo on this one in particular.

  12. Excellent finish Morne, great at looking 190. I always thought those anti-tank rockets were another one of those mostly “vaporware” late war weapons. Looks like I need to do some reading 🙂

  13. Morne,
    All I can say is OUTSTANDING…………

  14. Thanks Frank. This was a very effective tank killer. Many Schlachtflieger preferred this type over the Stuka.

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