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I had mentioned recently I had no “stash”…(added pics)

Well, I doubt very much anyone would consider this a “stash”, but this afternoon, I took my 40% off coupon to Hobby Lobby and saw these two ‘new ones’ I hadn’t seen there before. I couldn’t decide which one to get, so I got ’em both. Now I have a “stash-ette”. 🙁

They both have very comprehensive decal sheets (my favorite part of the assembly procedure). And the best part is the canopies look like they can be rather easily masked without having pre-cut after market ones.
Lots of stores included for both kits. Now I just gotta decide on paint schemes. I sure ain’t gonna try that checkerboard nose, though… :0

4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses to I had mentioned recently I had no “stash”…(added pics)

  1. So which one did you get the 40% off?

  2. The Skyraider… was marked $35.00 (the other one was $20).

  3. I like the word “stashette” 😆

  4. So Craig, which one is going to be first? Or is a coin toss involved here? Great choices
    California Steve

  5. At the speed you build, Craig, you’ve probably finished them both by now!

  6. What George said. 😉

  7. So will these go on a shelf or the ceiling?

  8. Looking forward to seeing them both built Craig.

  9. Interesting types of aircraft, can t wait to see them build, but a short look
    in these boxes will be a nice touch too 🙂

    • I guess I should have done that, but it wasn’t really a “review”, so I didn’t think of it. As I’ve said before, I wish there were a way to post pics in these “reply” boxes (it’d come in handy in so many cases).
      Tell ya what….I’ll go take some pics and post them under the group “WIP – aircraft” – that way I’m not taking up unnecessary space on the headline page.
      Check in over there in an hour or so, Bernd.

  10. The checkerboard Skyraider looks like something Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick would fly!

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