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iModeler July Awards

Hi, received my award today. Thank you for voting, all the kind comments, not only for this
particular model. The idea to share my hobby here on iModeler is pure fun, thank you:-)



35 responses to iModeler July Awards

  1. Congratulations Bernd, Enjoy the build mate.
    I am sure you will give it good justice.

  2. We’ll done, Bernd. As Martin has awarded me a prize for being random this month I also chose the Airfix Spit – don’t usually model 1/48 but have an idea to do something weird with it. Bound to upset everybody…

  3. Hi Rob, i am looking forward to see the result. Beside your “plan” it will be
    something great 🙂

  4. Congratulation Bernd, I hope you will do an on line build so we can follow along.

  5. Hi Bernd….a new kit AND a new avatar – all is now right with the world. 🙂
    Are those “Christmas Lights” adorning your shelf of builds?

  6. Congratulations Bernd!

  7. Yes, it was time for a “new” look ! As a fan of the Peanuts a must, in memory of the great Charles M. Schulz and Snoopy finally got him, destroyed a few day ago my Dr.I :-/
    These lights in the back were put on for christmas years ago, after all, we liked it and there were now my “lightshow” 😉

  8. Well done Bernd. Its a good kit the 1/48 Airfix Spit 🙂

  9. Herzlichen Gluckwunsch mein Freund!!!! I hope you build a Malta Spit in the colours of the Canadian ace George “screwball” Beurling!!! Can’t wait for the final result!!!

  10. Congratulations, again, Bernd, I’m sure you will do a good job with this Spitfire. I like your Christmas lights as well!

  11. bernd..great to put a face with a name…fine work

  12. Very nice Bernd! And a very nice reward for your modeling skills.
    Now, I’m the new guy. So what model won you the award?
    California Steve

    (note to self, Bernd is a big guy so don’t tick him off)

  13. Congratulations Bernd! Enjoy!

  14. Congratulations Bernd, have a good time with this kit.


  15. Nice to see that the award has gone into good hands, looking forward to seeing it finished in Headlines.

  16. Thank you Olivier !

  17. Congrats, Bernd ! Well done ! Looking forward to your next build !

  18. Bernd,
    A belated congratulations on this well deserved award. I really enjoy seeing your work and to me they are all winners.

  19. Hi Frank, thank you very much for this compliment, i hope i can post a “roll out” in the next time

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