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Junkers Ju 88 G-1 Hasegawa in 1/72 scale

Hi, here is a walkaround on my Ju 88 G-1 from Hasegawa. The “G” was the result of the experiences made with the “C” and “R” versions, while the “C” was a good aircraft, it lacked speed especially with these “tv antennas” 😉 on. This version also lacked also firepower while fighting four engined bombers and flying boats like the Sunderland in the gulf of Biscay.

The 20mm MG FF lacked hitting power, the Mg 17 was known as the “Luftwaffe-Anklopfgerät” !

The problem with the engine power was solved with the “R” version, the “C” airframe was mated with a BMW 801 A, later with the 801 D engine. Far from perfect, the Junkers design-shop developed the “G”, gone are the ventral gondola, replaced with a much flatter weapon gondola fitted with four 20mm MG 151 guns, the armoured windscreen became standard, also the FuG 220 radar equipment. The upward firing guns, known as “schräge Musik” were also widely used

The tailplane from the Ju 188 became standard for this version to restore lateral stability,
lost on the “R”
The Ju 88 G was prefered over the He 219 by Generalluftzeugmeister Erhard Milch responsible for production and development, while the 88 was proven and in mass production ( The RLM made plans well into the 1950s !)
The Hasegawa Ju 88/188 series in 1/72 is for the “G” version the only accurate kit.The

Zvezda kit suffers mostly from its wrong (to small) tail, the too small engine nacelles and a few other bad points. That does not mean, the Hasegawa is a perfect one, beside it is very pricey, the cockpit is not really good, the wing spars have the wrong angle (!) and the

fit is overall poor.
This kit was started in 2012, stalled in 2012 and was restarted in 2013…and finished
around new years eve 13/14, it was build nearly OOB, i replaced the radar antennas with photoetched ones from Extra Tech and a masking set from Eduard, because my own masking is inferior.
The painting was done with RLM 76 and RLM 75 dots, sprayed with my trusty Badger 150
and my old Revell compressor, unable to change the air pressure i work with different thinned paints, works for me.
I hope you like it

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

25 responses to Junkers Ju 88 G-1 Hasegawa in 1/72 scale

  1. Hi Bernd. Very good looking Ju. Milch responded to Streib’s success with the He-219 rather wryly by stating that Streib could have shot down 5 aircraft flying any other aircraft. 🙂 Anklopfgerät would only have annoyed the Allied pilot because they were knocking too hard at the door 🙂 Awesome build. My 1/48 G will have the same mottled scheme oversprayed with wellenmüster. Thanks again for the notice about the decals for the G. They have been ordered!!

    • Thank you Morne, RLM decisions are hard to believe. The Ju 88
      is some of my favorites, many versions,great schemes…
      Good luck on your G, build one some 15 years ago, it is not an easy build but looks the part. Using AIMS decals is a good idea
      got them too and will buy more. A few weeks ago, i won a Mistel on E*** for cheap, can t wait to see your nightfighter here on this beautiful place

      • I have a couple of Mistels as kitted by Dragon. The standard combinations and then the what if’s like a Mistel combination of two Me 262’s and Fw-190 / Ta-154. It is finding the time to build and space for the completed kits that are SO problematic.

        • I knew this problem too and the industry is busy, putting new
          interesting kits out like hot rolls ! this is not a complain 🙂
          Good luck on your “what if s” these combinations can be looking very “cool”
          I am thinking about to finish my old Monogram Do 335 in a very special guise ….

  2. Excellent! I love the Ju88 as a nachtjager. The recent Revell 1/72 example looks good too.

    • Thank you Gregor ! Currently i am doing a Revell Ju 88 A-1 in 1/32 the 1/72 is a scaled down version, so it is very good and much cheaper.
      Despite this i have some more Hasegawas in my stash and will build them too. At the time i started the “G” , i started a Hasegawa A-4 too and converted it into a C-6 dayfighter, with the help of some surplus parts, i hope this will be finished some days, while talking about projects, i purchased an Airfix Hurricane
      with fabric wings and the three blade prop, you did a review on this one, found it in your blog, did Airfix made the squadron codes too dark ??

  3. Nice posting, Bernd, just the right amount of history and information about the kit and your build. Nice pictures, too. Oops, I nearly forgot to say that the model looks pretty good, too!

  4. Thank you very much, George, i am glad you like it ! Lots of these pictures
    in my articles were done on the very same day, after most of this summer has passed it was a good idea 🙁

  5. A fine 88 there Bernd, Nice paint work and build.
    Well done sir.

  6. You seem to have your airbrushing techniques mastered. Very nice finish on this. Did you use your own masking for the canopy?

    • Thank you very much for your kind comment, Al ! I guess a modern
      day compressor would be to much for me !
      Currently i am on the search for a water separator for it.
      No the masking for the canopy was from Eduard and after some
      practice it works real good

  7. Lovely build Bernd and fantastic airbrushing. The wire detail looks impressive!

  8. Bernd,
    I add my compliments. This is an excellent build.

  9. Yes I like Bernd! Very nice job on the camo.
    California Steve

  10. Bernd very well done mottling on your 88

  11. Congratulations, beautiful build…

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