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Lindberg 1/82 Tugboat

September 12, 2014 · in Ships · · 16 ≡

When my wife picked up a Tugboat for her collection, I noticed the scale was close to the "1/72" boats I had been doing. I thought I'd give one a try, however I didn't want to do the usual, colorful boat on the boxart, and I wanted it to fit in with my other boats. Searching the internet, I came up with a couple dull, drab, U.S.Army tugboat pictures, that were just what I was looking for. I added a couple davits, a rowboat, some tow rope, an anchor chain, and some clear windows. The rest of the boat is OOB. I was set to do some heavy weathering, but the pictures I had found, made it look very clean. In all, it was a fast, simple build. I have added the crew (really small next the the 1/72 figures) , which add a little color. It's the kind of kit that you can do as much, or as little, as you'd like, and still come out ok.

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  1. Look pretty good from here, Joe...simple and unassuming. Not an obvious target. I like it.

  2. Very nice Joe. Clean build as usual.
    As you were building it could you tell if the mold started life as Lindberg's?

    • Thanks, Craig and Al. Al, I didn't notice anything to the contrary, but if memory serves, I think I read about it being an old Life-Like kit, or Ideal, something like that. I'm not positive. I know it's a different scale than the Revell tugboats. Can you shed any light on it?

  3. That looks the part Joe. I have one in the stash. But I wanted to do something different with her. Oh my brain is a turning and I have the weekend off. Wait!, too many other irons in the fire.
    I really like what you built.
    California Steve

  4. She is a real gem. Beautiful finish!

  5. Joe,
    Great job. I like the simple color on this as a change. I think tugboats are very interesting subjects. Again, this looks great.

  6. Nice build Joe,navy's tend to keep there vessels very clean at all times so your representation of a clean tugboat looks great .

  7. Sometimes it's the 'ordinary' things in life that make the best models, but it takes someone like you, Joe, to make a good job of it, and this you've certainly done, it's great.

  8. Sweet job Joe, something different .
    Still as good as ever.
    Well done mate.

  9. Beautiful job, Joe. A cool subject, a very overlooked but very necessary and often underappreciated part of naval life. Who did a crewman on that boat root for in the Army-Navy game?

    I'm disappointed you didn't convert it to a race boat, though... 🙂

    • Thanks, guys. Jaime, your comment about the Army-Navy game jogged a memory. I've read, and was told, that the Army crewmen bought Navy uniforms, out of their own pocket, to dress like sailors while on board. I guess dungarees and workshirts, etc. Interesting.

  10. Very nice Joe. Some great detail!

  11. Well done Joe, you really dressed her up nice, especially using the Army markings. Most people never heard of the Army's "navy". It might be a "war story" but I've heard that at one point, maybe during the Vietnam War, the US Army had almost as many "ships" as the Navy and more aircraft than the Air Force.

  12. Very nicely done. It wears "Haze Gray" very well.

  13. This was a really nice job on this. I plan on building mine for my HO railroad layout.

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