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North American F-86 D “Sabre Dog early” in 1/48 scale

Hi another “walkaround” this time on my Revell/Monogram F-86D everthing is written about the quality of this kit it s true, simply great…and cheap.
My version is the earlier type without the parachute housing at the tail, Revell provided three very nice schemes on their decal sheet, but the one with the sharkmouth was the one.
Revell named it as a
F-86 D-35 NA Sabre
75th Fighter Interceptor Squadron
Suffolk County,AFB in August 1953

I store my instructions and not used decals in files.Which is helpful

The kit was done in summer 2013, put aside for a while and was finished in the last spring
i used Humbrol and Revell colors and polished the NMF parts a bit with tooth paste. Sadly
i damaged the windscreen a bit and was forced to made the framing a bit wider.
The pictures were taken on different times and on different backdrops in the garden
on a sunny day. There is still a nasty spot on the OD panel 🙁
I hope you like it


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15 responses to North American F-86 D “Sabre Dog early” in 1/48 scale

  1. Outstanding pictures, Bernd….the “spot” on the OD is weathering, right…? 🙂

    Lovely job on the Sabre Dog….one of my favorites.

  2. SEHR GUT!!!!! She definitely looks menacing in those shark mouth markings. Love your NMF. The worn and weathered look is awesome!!!!

  3. That is a real exceptional build, Bern.

  4. Excellent Sabre Dog Bernd, outstanding natural metal finish.

  5. Very nice Bernd. Good work on the NMF. It seems to take more time prepping the surface than actually applying the finish. I believe that can be called patience which I have a lack of.
    Like that livery too.

    • Thank you Al, you are correct:
      Assemble the kit,it goes well together !
      Clean up the surface
      Prime the Kit, find some “glitches” reworking the surface :-/
      Re-prime, looks o:K
      Apply the first silver paint, the glitches are back 🙁
      Stripp the paint, see above, again no good, put it aside
      have some beer…..

  6. Nice build Bernd. Very good for the first NMF!

  7. Gol dern that’s purddy! That’s real cowboy talk Bernd. I think I have been watching too many western movies. I keep going back and looking at this model. Just beautiful modeling.

    California Steve

  8. Bernd,
    I can only add my agreement with all of the above comments. Outstanding.

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