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OK I have 998 Karma points. Push me over the top guys. This is a fun milestone for me.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Sea King. Photo taken at La Verne airport in California.

My son and I worked on this Idea. The Sea King has recently been retired. But it saved scores of lives in service here in the Los Angeles area. The photo… I took a large piece of fiberboard. Braced it underneath with large basswood strips. Hung it off a four foot fence and took the photo so it looks like it is sitting on the tarmac. I brought different shades of grey and black paint cans to match (the best I could) the color of the asphalt.

This is another New Ray Sky Pilot model (sort of).

I hope you like,
California Steve

35 responses to OK I have 998 Karma points. Push me over the top guys. This is a fun milestone for me.

  1. Let me be the one….I like the colors. what scale is that?
    Off you go, I remember my 1000th….

  2. Oh, and why do chicks dig you? Because you don’t wear underwear.
    “What kind of training, soldier?” Aaaaaaarmy training, Sir!”

  3. About 1/37. Really, Like I said on a earlier post the jury is still deciding. I forgot to add that I made my own decals on this one.
    And I should have lowered the blades a bit. Oh well, we had a fun day together,
    California Steve

  4. Saw this ship years ago in San Diego during training and while we were starting an Aviation program for the SDFD. It was absolutely sparkling clean and the folks were impressive! Outstanding modeling!

  5. Thanks Jeff. I wish I had pictures of the crew. There is a major hospital down the street from me with a heliport. A few times when I heard (and you can hear her) coming in I would jump in my car and rush down to see her land and transfer the patients to the awaiting hospital staff. Really impressive protocol. And this aircraft was spotless. All of the Sheriff smaller hello’s are now painted in these colors. A few years back she did a low fly by at our Glendora CA Christmas parade. Knocked every dead leaf off all the trees. We all stood there with our hands over our hot chocolates.
    Was I smiling? Yes!
    California Steve

  6. Sorry my reply’s are out of order. I will let you sort them out. Haa Haa!!
    Or you can trade them. Now there is a novel Idea!
    Thanks for your kind words.
    California Steve

  7. Exceptional model boosted by imaginative camera work.
    Well done Steve.

  8. All my superlatives have been used up…!! Great-lookin’ build, my friend – 🙂

  9. Congratulations, Steve, I’m sure you will acquire many more, especially if you carry on posting stuff as good as this!

  10. Great looking kit and a great picture ! Neat job on masking ( something i usually mess up )
    Very well done !

  11. push, good job, VIVA LOS ANGELES!

  12. Nice and clean build. Love it!

  13. Nice Steve, Like the pic,looks realistic.
    Great job on the painting too.
    Well done mate.

  14. Hi Steve. I can only echo the above compliments. The model looks great and VERY nice photo. It blends in well and had to look closely to see the edge of the board.

  15. That looks real! Very clever background.

  16. CA Steve,
    Excellent. The LASO colors on their choppers is beautiful. You have done a great job on this and the photo work is very realistic. I really like what you have done and you have shown the LASO in a good light.

  17. Thank you Frank. I am so glad I have had a chance to see this in real life. Just brute power. You have to smash a lot of air to get these off the ground. Thank you for your nice comment.
    California Steve

  18. Well done Steve, the staging of the photography really pops.

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