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OzMod’s Pilatus PC-9 is out.

September 21, 2014 · in Aviation · · 4 · 1.2K

OzMods has released its first injected kit, the PC-9. Most parts are injected (including the canopy, but two vacform canopies are also included in the kit), and the full cockpit (tub, seats and other details) is resin. Decals are for the RAAF Roulettes and Royal Thai Air Forces aerobatic teams, with a full complement of numbers to do individual aircraft. See full info at

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  1. Not my cup of tea, but looks like you've done an excellent job on what should be very popular subject.

  2. If the price is not out of line this looks like a fun kit with a lot of potential versions.

  3. With the selection of "civilian-type" aircraft somewhat limited, this is a nice addition to one's collection. Even if it IS in the "wrong" scale... 🙂

    • Not to be a rivet counter but the -9 is not a civilian type. It's an all composite evolution of the PC-7, built to compete in the tandem-seat turboprop military Basic/Advanced training aircraft. Besides "civilian" operated target tugs and a couple of company demonstrators, all airframes are military owned. From what I've read in an article in Airforces Monthly" even the Pilatus Demonstrator airframes are "owned" by the Swiss Air Force. Now if I could have a civilian version of the PC-9 or Texan 2 that would be a 2nd only to maybe a C-130!

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