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Polikarpov I-16 Type 24, Eduard in 1/48 scale

Hi, i would like to share the pictures of my I-16 from Eduard with you. It was the “Profi Pack”
version of this kit and it was a delight to build. It is way better than the Hobbycraft/Academy
kit. Soviet aviation is somewhat underrated. This little fighter was clearly state of the
art when introduced. Getting into service, the western airforces are still using biplanes.

My aircraft was build as an aircraft from a soviet naval unit, the 72.SAP, deployed in
the north in 1942. It was the same unit, where the soviet ace, Boris Safonov gained fame.

As said, this kit is a little gem, i run into selfmade problems. At first, while building, it falls out of my hand, that forced the instrument panel to “defect”.
But on the closed cockpit, it can t be seen. The clear parts are very thin and brittle, i managed to crack it, while masking 🙁

It is a small fighter, compare the I-16 with a P-47 !

I hope you like it


6 additional images. Click to enlarge.

23 responses to Polikarpov I-16 Type 24, Eduard in 1/48 scale

  1. Good build Bernd. Glad you added that last comparison shot. The stubby appearance of this aircraft kinda reminds me of the Gee Bee racer.

    • Now how did you know what I was thinkin’, Al…that’s uncanny! 🙁

    • Hi Al, you are right, the appearance was very similar, the flying
      characteristics were similar as well. To mate a powerful radial
      in the smallest possible airframe, the outcome will look like this one.
      At the start of its service live, soviet pilots were not so keen about this aircraft. It lacks the upper wing. they dislike the closed canopy of the early variants and the plane was not easy to fly, but with more experience they learned how maneuverable this plane was.And is was rugged and easy to maintain too. A true classic !
      Thank you for your kind comment 🙂

  2. Nice Rata Bernd. The P-47 is big compared to most WW2 fighters.

  3. Bernd, great job, beautiful I-16.
    A small note. Fairing wing was made of wood.

    quote: “It is a small fighter, compare the I-16 with a P-47 !”

    I compared with the Wild Cat

    Sincerely yours, Vlad.

  4. A very good looking Rata. Great finish on her. Now what about doing a Mig 3 next. Arguably the best looking Russian fighter!! Sehr gut!!!

  5. Great build and great photos! Well done Bernd

  6. Any idea what the slogan on the fuselage side says?

    Thinking of home and Mother on the collective farm?

    I always wonder, given I have no idea. I wasn’t too good with vietnamese, either, what with conversational ice breakers as “Halt”, “Drop your weapon”, and “Hi, honey”. Luckily, I never had to practice my skills.

  7. Great build of one of the rarer planes.
    And you are right it`s a stubby little plane.
    Well done Bernd.

  8. Really nice Bernd. I love the comparison photo.
    California Steve

  9. It’s tiny, must have made it a difficult target for enemy pilots! Beautiful model, Bernd, and an interesting write up.

    • Thank you very much for your kind comment, George. Yes it
      was, if the I-16 pilot could fight it out on his own terms. The
      archenemy was the 109 and it was superior in climb and speed
      but the I-16 could turn on a dime. German pilots were caught by surprise, that the target, turned and attacked from the front.
      Soviet fighter formations are big and the pilots were ordered
      to keep the formation very tight, they were busy to keep up with their comrades, attcked from the rear they were shot down at will

  10. Bernd,
    Beautifully done. YouTube has a clip of a restored I-16 flying and it is interesting to see it in the air. It has a clunky sounding engine but it does the trick.

  11. Excellent Rata Bernd. The comparison photo really brings home how small these early monoplane fighters were.

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