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Same Citroen Cabriolet different dioramas, 1/35 scale Tamiya

I was having some trouble loading up some photos but I think you get the idea. This was a fun project. I did a little homework on the Citroen and discovered they had some cabriolets. This was a bit of surgery to carefully remove the roof but I did it. The rear boot cover was made from some nylon material. I also opened up a vent on the engine cover. Now this was not easy. The opening photo is along a road in Italy with some unfriendly noise coming from above. Everyone is a bit concerned except for the old Sargent in the rear seat trying to light up one of his Italian ciggies. He has heard these sounds before. I hope you like!

California Steve

1 additional image. Click to enlarge.

35 responses to Same Citroen Cabriolet different dioramas, 1/35 scale Tamiya

  1. Very cool, indeed ! I love this kind of stuff. Well done, CS !

  2. It’s a very attractive little car, and you’ve made a convincing cabriolet out of it. Both dioramas are well thought out, the lighting is good in both, but I especially the black and white one, very atmospheric.

  3. Thank you for your nice comments George.
    California Steve

  4. You did a stellar job on this little gem Steve. Even the Gestapo used it as a mode of transport.

  5. Nice, Steve. Good point of unseen drama as focus for the group.

    • I think the conversation could have gone like this…..
      OK Hans, radial engine, bubble top, eight machine guns,
      paper external gas tank, and a couple of bombs. it is your turn to guess. Hans? where did you go?….. Hans?
      Well it could have happened.
      Thanks for the nice words Rob.
      California Steve

  6. Like it Steve – cool dio….although a bit “conventional” for you perhaphs 🙂

  7. Well gone Steve, really like the variations on the theme.

  8. Lot of character(s) in this one. The theme comes across beautifully.

  9. Great composition in this diorama Steve. The sound can be heard in the distance but what?
    Nice work Steve, great build and dio work too.

  10. Looks like as much effort was put into the diorama scene as was the model itself….nice work, Steve.

    • How’s it going Craig? In the color photo I wanted to create a old Roman road high in the mountains of Italy. Not to boar you but here is what I did. You know those Overhead incandescent light defusers ( spelled wrong) they use in offices. The ones with the 1/4 inch squares? I bought one of these. Poured in plaster of paris, let it dry. Then gave it a twist. Taa! Daa! One hundred bricks! This is what I used for the road. Dang am I a lazy modeler.
      I did like the effect. Thanks Craig.
      California Steve

  11. CA Steve.
    This is so good I found myself looking up.

  12. Nice build, thoughtful means of subject display.

  13. Simon:

    “The german glance”, mid to late war, hearing the Jabos coming.

  14. Great scene Steve! Small space with many characters and you know exactly what the action is. Everybody on a road looking up at the sky is not a sign of good things to come!

  15. Thank you Alan. I had to do a bit of surgery to the characters. With the help of my No.11 blade and my Bic lighter to get just the right amount of ergonomics.
    Thanks for the nice words.
    California Steve

  16. Nice one Steve…. now I know why building vehicles is referred to as ‘target’ modeling.. 🙂

  17. …oh well, here comes Robs Typhoon 😉
    A very nice diorama, it lives !A perfect presentation, love your work !

  18. A couple of rockets from Robs Typhoon would put an end to this picnic! Thank you Bernd.
    California Steve

  19. Yeah, looks like they’ve seen Rob’s Typhoon above them! Nice action in that diorama.

  20. Thanks James, here is one thing I have noticed looking at some really great dioramas. Most everyone is looking down or across the horizon at something. I wanted to do one where (almost) everyone is looking up. There was a lot of looking up going on in all of Europe in the 1940s.
    Thanks for your interest.
    California Steve

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