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“Under the Skin” – Hawker Typhoon Mk.1B

This is the Airfix 1/24 Hawker Typhoon Mk.1B.

A complex build across 220+ steps of a 45+ page instruction guide, areas have been stripped back further to view the airframe “under the skin”, and I’ve added details not found in the box or otherwise recommended.

More specific background to the build can be found on the WIP thread

15 additional images. Click to enlarge.

51 responses to “Under the Skin” – Hawker Typhoon Mk.1B

  1. I’m gobsmacked!!!! Your pictures speak volumes in terms of how good this model is. “AWESOME” for once isn’t enough. Very well done mate.

  2. That’s about as good as it gets Rob! truly a masterful piece of modeling.
    California Steve

  3. Not a whole lot I can say other than you scare the c**p out of me sometimes. Granted this is an excellent kit but your attention to detail is unbelievable. It was a pleasure watching this as a WIP & more so as a finished project.
    I think we have a winner.

    • Hi Al,

      I know you were following the WIP (much appreciated). With the missing parts issue the build seemed to drift a little, but it only took a few hours to ‘square up’ when the parts were to hand.

      Still enjoying your killer blue baby in the Auto WIP, by the way.

  4. Arguably the best ever kit released by Airfix. Rob this is the best I have seen in a VERY long time. Outstanding attention to detail has paid off big time on this AWESOME build.

  5. Fantastic job Rob, attention to detail and finish superb.
    Well done Rob.

  6. I don’t know who let you zap their real Typhoon with a shrink ray, but this is absolutely worth it. Stunning.

  7. WOW !!!!
    SSSOOOO NICE and big too 😉
    Details and paint job make her a masterpiece.

  8. a stunning project to say the least

  9. Now that is some exemplary work right there…outstanding craftsmanship, sir!

  10. Amazing work on this model, congratulations.

    Eric from France

  11. Fantastic build! Thanks for sharing this Bob!

  12. That leaves me speechless, Rob.

    • That’s good of you, Halvar. It probably helps that I tend to ‘detail up’ larger kits on a regular basis, so this is something along the same lines, but with variations. Like everyone on iModeler, I’m always searching for new and challenging projects.

  13. Rob, that is absolutely a KILLER looking model! Your talent truly shines with this big Typhoon.

  14. In Dutch I can say at least a million words about this build……in English i know just a few…… splendid, awesome, stunning, breath taking, flawless…… and cliché….. good job sir! 😉

  15. Rob,

    Two questions, one, why where the engine heads painted British Racing Green? Two, I’m surprised you didn’t take any close ups of the distressed skins…B-52’s are famous for having fuselage skins that have wavy skins or distressed skins. Airfix went and molded in a similar feature to this kit.

    Finally, this kit as the kids say in a good way ..”.really sick”. Two thumbs up on a killer build.

    • Oh, and green with envy.

    • Hi Stephen,

      At the RAF Museum at Hendon the Napier Sabre on display is painted in this bold dark green. Airfix’s colour call out is black. I decided on the green simply because it’s an attractive alternative; I have seen other Sabres in green as well so presumed it was at least an accepted finish for the type.

      Much was made of the distressed skin when the model prototype was shown last year at Telford. Unfortunately, as soon as the model is under primer/paint with decals, these finer details are much less apparent. It is still possible to see it, but you have to be quite near and at a certain angle to pickup the slight (and it is slight) ripple effect.

      Thanks for looking.

  16. Hugely impressive, Rob. And I do mean hugely.

  17. Beautiful Job. How many hours do you think you have in it?

  18. “What they said..” Rob. Perhaps the finest piece of work I’ve ever seen.

  19. You sir, are one sick individual…! Someone has already said gobsmacked. so I can’t use THAT again. How about really really nice..? Which of course is just too understated for sure. I’m STILL waiting to get mine ’cause they sold out real quick. Having seen yours I am now officially going INSANE waiting to try and get even CLOSE to your excellence…WELL DONE mate…!

    • Laurie, when you do get your kit, check the canopy as some earlier production items had canopies that were cracked. The part cooled too quickly coming out of the moulds and a 3mm crack developed along the top at the sprue gate. Hopefully, these issues are resolved but have a look.

      Thanks for your comments.

  20. Hi Rob, hard to find more superlatives as said above.Congratulations to this
    fabulous build. The engine, cockpit,gunbays are models in their own right,
    done with great love to the detail.A definitive winner.
    Will start a Typhoon too, but in 1/72 from the same company.

    • Thanks, Bernd.

      Parts of the build were much like a Zoukei Mura kit, the engine, cockpit, and cage, for example. I chose to model the aircraft as depicted simply because there was so much detail that would otherwise remain unseen (a common criticism of ZM).

      There are great and not so great things about this Typhoon kit – I’ve mentioned various points in the WIP thread – but as a large and complex construction I think Airfix can be commended for observing what other manufacturers are bringing to market, and taking useful and appropriate measures to bear on new projects.

      Before ZM were on the scene, it’s unlikely we would ever have seen a kit like this produced by Airfix.

  21. I’ve really enjoyed looking at this, Rob. I think you should be commended for going out on a limb and adding the extra detail, and finding a way to display it, with what is obviously an already above average kit.

  22. A fantastic piece of work Rob Your attention to detail & finish is staggering. Congratulations to you on such a superb build. (And to Airfix for producing such a good kit too!)

  23. This is what modelling is all about! Amazing mate!

  24. Great job Rob! Looks superb. Such an interesting aircraft and flown by pilots with courage to match the brutish look of the Tiffie. A brilliant kit from Airfix, so wish they would modernise and re-issue the 1/24 Spit and 109E.

  25. Rob,
    I am at a loss for words to express how I hold you and this build in awe. Think of every complimentary adjective and that would be only the beginning of what I would say. I will settle for MASTERFUL.

  26. Good heavens!! That is some outstanding work Rob and I can’t think of another superlative that hasd not already been used above! Someone is about to have this months award coming their way…I hope!! I will definately be investing in one of these as soon as I find space!

  27. I can only echo everyone else’s comments – that’s an outstanding build. Looks like a model-engineering exhibit straight out of a museum. Brilliant.

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