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1/25 AMT Model T Farm Truck


Made this out of one of the many umpteen reissues of the venerable AMT Model T kit.

About the only changes I made was to construct a bench seat and bed from various wooden stir sticks. Weathered with graphite, pastels and Tamiya weathering stuff.

Brian Riedel

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11 responses to 1/25 AMT Model T Farm Truck

  1. Looks good Brian, something built in the farm`s barn perhaps?
    Well done sir.

  2. Great “vehicle” Brian, what a cool ride ! Great model, great presentation, i like it a lot 🙂

  3. Comparing the [weathered] truck to the wooden bed, I’d have to assume that the farmer (or the modeler, in this case), just finished tearing off the old bed and slapped together a new one for the pictures. 🙂
    Nice little build. I like it.

  4. Super job, Brian.
    Your work takes me back to my grandfather Jess’ 1×1 model T, which I called, “The Old Car Bye,” as a little kid….only good memories from that time in the late 1930’s and early ’40’s. He had to crank hard, and often long, to start her. He traded the T for an A, He then got a used Hudson in the late 40’s. Your fine model captures that time wonderfully for me. Thanks.

  5. vintage machinery, well done!

  6. Awesome Brian!! I like the weathering you did on the old Model T. She really looks like a well worn old farm truck.

  7. Neat conversion, Brian, great job on this old kit.

  8. Nice work on the weathering Brian. Did the artillery wheels come from an AMT ‘T’ kit?

  9. Thanks for the kind words from all.

    Al: The wheels are in the 3 in 1 kit which gives you a choice of doing stock, street or racing car.

    One of the reasons I did an open air truck was because the molds for this kit stretch back to the 50’s and some of the details leave a lot to be desired.

    Brian Riedel

  10. Nice build, different take on an old kit.

  11. Brian,
    This is fantastic. I love what you have done here. Great job

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