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1/48 Pfalz D-VIII


The Pfalz D-VIII is probably my favorite plane of World War One. It’s stubby fuselage was a radical departure from the elegant shark like fighters that the Pfalz factory produced before.

This is the Tom’s Modelworks resin kit. Most of the cockpit was scratch built, as was the propeller. I added ribs to the cowling, sanded out an exhaust channel under the engine and used brass wire for the struts. Crosses are from Americal Gryphon, serial numbers were done in pen and ink on clear decal film and lozenge was from Eagle Strike. Markings are for Ludwig Beckmann of Jasta 56.

Brian Riedel

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20 responses to 1/48 Pfalz D-VIII

  1. Resin, hand-made prop, brass rigging…I couldn’t build something like that if you gave me a whole year to do it. My hat’s off to you sir, a remarkable accomplishment indeed. Nicely photographed as well.

  2. I take my hat off to anybody that builds biplanes. Hate the rigging. Looks way too difficult. You did an awesome job on this one. Just have to love this one!!! Well done.

  3. Great Biplane, i’m reading the Blue Max at the moment, and had been thinking about doing a Pfalz – as flown by the main character from the book.

  4. Perfect work on a hard to build kit, Congratulations ! It looks great, didn t know, that the type some saw action.
    The lozenge looks very neatly applied.

  5. Thanks for the kind words gentlemen.

    The Pfalz D-VIII appeared at the front around the same time as the Fokker D-VII. It was sent to Jasta Boelcke (flown by Paul Baumer), Jasta 29 and Jasta 56. It was later relegated to some of the Kests (Home Defense Flights).

    I keep petitioning Wing Nuts Wings for a 1/32 kit, perhaps someday. I would love to build one in the colors of Paul Baumer.

    Brian Riedel

  6. Brain…..VERY well done. You do resin and “strings” wonderfully.

  7. Very nice Brian, these biplanes look so delicate but robust.
    Well done sir.

  8. Fantastic build Brian. That’s a serious prop on this beast. Do you know what the horsepower rating was on the engine?
    Well done.

  9. The Pfalz D-VIII had a 160 hp Siemens-Halske Sh.III 11 cylinder engine that, unfortunately, was plauged with problems throughout it’s history. It was the same engine used in the Siemen Schuckert D-II fighter.

    Brian Riedel

    • Hi Brian, that was the counter rotating engine ? A few years back i purchased the Roden kit in 1/32 scale, but sold it after i figured out the extra costs of aftermarket stuff, needed.
      This aircraft, as the your Pfalz are very powerful looking aircraft, for their time

  10. Absolutely beautiful Brian. I was completely unfamiliar with this aircraft, I thought it was a Fokker from on the cowl and rudder. The torque effect of the engine and that big prop must have been horrendous.

  11. Fabulous model, Brian, my knowledge of these aircraft is non-existent, but I think anyone can appreciate the skill that has gone into this build.

  12. Whoo Yeaa! Brian!. Just a great model. The torque from that four bladed prop had to snap this aircraft on takeoff. There is enough wood in the prop to build a small boat! This must have been a hand full to fly.
    Really nice modeling Brian. Great subject.
    California Steve

  13. Brian,
    What a beautiful model. Your skills are indeed impressive. I am very impressed with your work.

  14. Great work! I’m a bit of a Pfalz Pfan myself and think you did great with a difficult kit of a unique subject! I’m really hoping Eduard and Wingnut Wings do the D.VIII in 1/48 and 1/32.

  15. You and me both John.

  16. Biplane in resin… I am not worthy! Very nice looking model. I am just now comfortable with bipes, but no way am I trying a resin one anywhere in the near future 🙂
    That is just a very neat looking build. biplane, resin, rigging – and the wood prop. wow, just wow. Oh yeah, and you have the penmanship to hand-write those serial numbers? that just elevated it another notch.
    Super work!

  17. That kit is in my ‘shelf of doom’, te resin was ‘rough’, it was great to see it built.

  18. Stubby! A WW1 Polikarpov. Many struts and much rigging, you’re a better man than I.

  19. Superb. Never seen one of these before, looks great.

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