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Airfix Fw 190 A-8 in 1/72 scale

Good Morning ! Here it is, my little 190
More of this build can be found in the “Work in Progress – Aircraft ” section.
It was a very relaxed build, without problems, this exclude my self made ones:-)
The kit itself is not perfect, some details are crude and the panel lines are a bit heavy, they can take a good load of primer.
The gun barrels are replaced with Master gun barrels, as well the pitot tube, i was amazed, how fine they are. Selfmade seatbelts and a new gunsight were added.
The fan behind the propeller, the loop antenna and the ladder comes from an Italeri 190.
The kit decals are very nice, stencils can be read ! The walkways silvered a bit, after the
flat varnish.
The aircraft with the snake motive, is from the “Jagdgruppe 10” based at Parchim, Germany
Autumn 1944, i did not found much of this unit, that belongs to the test centre at Rechlin.
It can be true, that these aircraft carry rocket launchers under the Wings.
I hope you like it

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

29 responses to Airfix Fw 190 A-8 in 1/72 scale

  1. I hope you can see it all, got some problems on the upload 🙁

  2. No problem with photos, Bernd. You’ve really made the most of this kit.

    • Thank you, Rob. The kit has good sides and not so good sides.
      + very nice wheel bays, superior to Hasegawa and RoG
      + Good clear parts with the option to pose it open. A Revell kit will benefit from this, because there are two sliding hoods contained
      + very nice decals, after i polished the surface with tooth paste, they look like painted
      +/- the cockpit is o.K, the instrument panel is to far forward
      -/+ the panel lines are to heavy, this is not too bad, it is designed for modellers using brushes.
      – some details are very crude, replaced some, as shown in my build
      While it was a pleasure to do, i purchased the Spit I/II, the Hurricane and the Typhoon as well

  3. Guten Tag Bernd. Ausgezeichnet!!!! Nice photos and very impressive in 1/72 scale. A true beauty!!!

  4. I’m sure I can see it all, Bernd, and I definitely like it! Excellent in any scale, but especially good in 1/72. I have two questions, how did you get the spiral on the spinner, and, did the kit include the tail insignia?

    • Thank you, George, glad you like it and you can see the pictures
      it was the third try to upload the article, the ones before were without pictures. I would blame it to a faulty FB connection.

      The spinner was first sprayed white, after it was dry, i cut a mask from Tamiya tape, sadly it is not so flexible as desired, the first try was not so good, it was retouched a bit, so no macro pics 🙁
      This works in bigger scales much better.
      The “tail marking” came from a Sky decal sheet, purchased for this kit, but came too late. It wasn t the last 190 in this scale.
      Airfix kits contain no markings like that, because of current laws.

    • Swastikas set in different scales are available from Techmod and Aeroscale, among others. As Bernd says, German law prohibits reproduction of the image, so any Revell kit has to be kitted with aftermarket transfers.

      • Absolute, this goes for Airfix, Italeri here as well. Some manufacturers got the “cut into half” solution, like Trumpy or Eduard, i guess it s a matter of time and this will be prohibited too.
        I am selling model kits, this means i am with one foot in jail !

  5. Watched this one build up in the WIP group. Excellent build Bernd, well done mate.

    • Thank you very much Gregor, as well to follow this build.
      It is sometime important to finish a kit.
      While editing the pics, i foud some areas, that need still work.
      The exhaust stain has a scratch, the prop is not perfect connected with his axle. And i forget some dirt on the underside.
      Well, not perfect

  6. Well done Bernd. Lovely paint and weathering, and interesting markings. Thanks for pointing out the pros & cons about the kit and the solutions you used.

    • Thank you Rick, the snake on is really an eyecatcher, like the one on Morne s Ju 87 few weeks ago.
      As said above, it was planned to use a Sky Decal sheet for a norwegian based JG 5 aircraft, but the kit decals turned out just fine.
      Perfect kits are rare and you can have a lot of fun with these little aircraft kits. I would like to try some of their “Starter Kits” they have interesting new markings and they are a good try out for the Humbrol acrylics, my favorite is the Mustang IV. While doing a bit research i learned about “Firewall scheme” did you heard about this ?

  7. I have this kit to build. Thanks for the heads up on it’s short comings.
    Yours turned out great.
    Not to say it applies to yours but as they say “the eye is much more forgiving than the camera”.

    • Thank you Al, try it out, its fun. After the basic airframe was complete, i primed it near black. After it was dry i begann to sand/polish the surface, but the paint stayed not on, but in the panels, that was enough. The camo was sprayed on and the panel lines stayed a bit dark, no washing needed, maybe its me but this reduced the impression of this wide engravings
      The camera is not always my friend 🙂

  8. Very good looking bird, Bernd. A few years ago, who would have thought that Airfix would be a prime contender in subjects like the Fw 190. Exciting times!

  9. Beautifully finished and photographed, Bernd….1/72nd scale is not something I do often (nor is Airfix), but I may just have to try each one of them. Seems the detailing has come a long way over the years. You said you were selling kits. Are these from your personal stash or from your new site?

    • Speaking of your “new site”, I neglected to bookmark it the first time around. Could you please post a link for me (and the others here). Thanks.

    • Thank you Craig, i came back to 1/72 some time ago, the kits in this scale has improved very much and the new Airfix kits as well.
      You can do a lot of bigger types of aircraft without loosing too much space ( excluding the Monogram B-36 )
      And yes i am selling kits, started some four weeks ago on my own side and on Ebay. Airfix kits are included. This kit came from the shop, it was used to made a mock up- order, to see whats happening, everything went well, i was my first customer 😉
      5,-€ for shipping, just a few steps downstairs was a tad high.
      Anyway !
      Here is a link to my shop:
      Critics and comments are always welcome

  10. Nice build Bernd.
    Looks like a `190. and as you said there are some things that the camera picks out which make you go DOH!!!
    Well finished though and nice pics.
    Well done Bernd.

  11. Bernd,
    I love it. Love the scheme. Outstanding

  12. Hi Bernd you did a great job in 1/72 scale.. I find it a little fiddly in that scale and hard to scale down the colors but your paint job was spot on.Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Haluk, thank you very much for this compliment, i really appreciate this, you are correct, kits in 1/72 are somewhat fiddly, but from time to time its fun to do.
      I am not a true believer in scale colours but in small scales it is important to avoid a dark “blop” on the shelf.

  13. Thanks for the post Bernd great work – I have one of these on the bench at the moment – it’s provided some much needed inspiration !

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