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Battle of France/Battle of Britain Group Build – Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk I

After an emergency canopy repair,(which I will try again later), here’s it is. Paints are all Polly Scale acrylics, the decals are from the kit and the weathering is oil washes, Mig pigments, etc.

After seeing the great work Seamus is doing on his Hurricane, using his W.I.P. photos as a reference, I added some details to the landing gear, radiator scoop etc.

The spent cartridge election “slots” you see in the background are decals I made with my printer.
This Group Build was great fun, and I look forward to join others in the future.

31 responses to Battle of France/Battle of Britain Group Build – Airfix 1/48 Hurricane Mk I

  1. Great work Rick, looks just about right for me.
    I like the detailing, added something to it.
    And as you said it was FUN, which it`s all about.
    Well done Rick.

  2. Nicely finished, Rick….I like it.

  3. Well done Rick, good work on an older kit, that has still a lot to offer. This one
    is in my stash for years, because i didn t find a solution to open the ejection slots for the guns properly, the decal version looks good.
    Thumbs up 🙂

  4. Good start on your three. Waiting to see the others.

  5. Outstanding work on a classic kit. I like the added detail. I also like the “Bumblebee” emblem of this particular squadron.

    • Thanks Seamus, I have the Xtradecal BoB sheet but liked the kit markings best. Probably should have raided the roundels, etc from the BoB sheet, and just used the bumble bee and the codes from the kit. Btw, I’m glad you didn’t start your posts with what you did in the cockpit of your Hurricane, otherwise I’d still be making parts. 🙂

  6. A great looking Hurricane!!! Inspiration for me to do my Hasegawa desert scheme Hurricane.Well done Rick!!!

  7. Nice looking Hurricane mate. Was thinking about buying this, is there any tips or things you can share with me about the quality of the kit? 🙂

  8. Great modeling Rick. I like your thinking about the ejection ports for the spent shells and to use decals, Very cool.
    California Steve

  9. Oh I love the Hurricane!, a hero of the story and this one looks great, Rick…I am looking forward to that Stuka you have on the bench –

  10. PS – that antenna wire detail is super-

  11. Steve and Ralph, thank you. Ran out of time on the Stuka, but it will be up soon, a day or to at the most.

  12. Very good, Rick, the extra detailing and finish make all the difference to a fine looking model.

  13. Rick amazing job! An excellent rendition of the old Airfix kit. Love the extras too. Very well done mate 🙂

  14. Nice Hurricane! Thanks for sharing.

  15. Well done Rick, looks really good! Did the kit decals go on ok for you?

    • Thanks Jaime. The kit decals are actually some of the best performing I’ve ever used. The side codes and roundel are one piece and there were only a couple of spots of silvering that were easily fixed. The reds and blues seem to bright but that may correct for the time period

  16. After reviewing the Hurricane profiles that Martin posted in headlines and finding several profiles with the bright reds and blues like the markings on this aircraft, I withdraw my comments about the colors being “suspect.” It appears that I was wrong and that Airfix got it right.

  17. Very nice Rick. It’s in the markings of another one I want to do. 🙂

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