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Challenger I Main Battle Tank Revell in 1/72 scale

Challenger I Revell in 1/72 scale
Hi here comes my newest roll out from my small world of tanks. At first some facts:
The British main battle tank Challenger I was developed from a design for the Iranian Army.
It was introduced into the British Army in 1983.
It was very well armoured for its time and was a response to the newest soviet armour piercing grenades fired from the T-62/T-64 tanks and newer soviet tanks as well.

The key behind the armour was a new developed Chobham type, a mixture between steel and ceramic materials.
Armament: One 120mm L11A5 gun from the Chieftain tank, the ammunition was separated, this was considered as a disadvantage, because this reduced the speed of fire, compared with other modern tanks of its time.
Two L8A2 7,62mm MGs, one coaxial with the main gun, another on the commanders cupola acting as an anti aircraft gun.
A full 360 degree turnaround from the turret lasted 13 seconds, firing the gun on the move was possible.
Engine: One 1200 h.p Condor V12 Diesel engine
Speed: 56 Km/h /35 mls on the road
Weight: 62t
Length: 11.5 m /37 ft 9 in gun facing forward
Widht: 3.51 m / 11 ft 6 in
Height: 2,95m /9 ft 8 in

The Challengers finest hour was Operation Desert Storm/Shield in 1990, some vehicles were damaged but no losses at all. This was possible because the enemy had no up to date armor piercing ammunition and Iraqs tank units were largely out of order due to countless air strikes.

The Challenger I was replaced with the Challenger II in 1998.Production reached 420 tanks.
The sources for this data comes mainly from Wikipedia and the instructions.
Revells Challenger is a very nice kit to build, fit is good and no real problems, except mine were discovered. The “baskets” around the turret were replaced with photo etched parts from Extra Tech.

Here comes the injected plastic moulding technique to its end. That was VERY fiddly, it didn t help, that the assembled turret falls out of my hand during detailing, this was a moment the heart stands still for a second. The front baskets suffered a highly visible dent, so we have combat damage:-)

The tracks are built from the usual single links/length tracks systhem. It is always
exciting to close them, and see they get together (works not every time)

The green was sprayed on, the black paint was hand brushed with thin layers of
black, a dark wash a lot of dry brushing followed on.
A major set back were the decals, the “SFOR” markings were black, should be white,i didn t find Royal Army markings, so the side skirts were sprayed with a lot of dirt/n/mud making the missing markings nearly invisible(hope so).
These 1/72 tanks, posted here on iModeler are part of a long time running project, to do a
most complete military vehicles collection on small space.There is a “compare “picture, with the recently posted M60 and a soviet T-80, both kits in 1/72 from RoG.
I hope you like it.


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42 responses to Challenger I Main Battle Tank Revell in 1/72 scale

  1. Excellent Bernd. Your getting me fired up to finish my Merkava.
    Nice set.

  2. Thank you Al, i guess your Merkava will be a very pleasant sight here 1/72?

  3. Great work Bernd. You really make the detail stand out with your weathering tecnique.

  4. Once again a nicely detailed tank in this scale. The weatheting really brings out the ‘operational’ side of this model.

  5. Thank you Rob, i like the outcome of this much more.The Challenger is a “beast” of a tank, one of my favorite tanks.
    The mud on the side is ModelMasters U.S.A.F Tan with a drop of white.
    You may wondered how a tank, done from an aircraft guy looks like ?

  6. Ausgezeichnet mein Freund. Superb weathering and photos!!!!

  7. The fact that this is 72nd scale, makes it all the more amazing. The pic with the match really showed me just how small it is….I doubt I could work with a model that size to the extent that you have – it looks wonderful. The detail and weathering job is top shelf (which will have a LOT of space in this size). 🙂

    • Thank you Craig, its much easier at first sight.Modern AFV kits are very complex and this is a much faster solution to have a good collection, which take not much space( and money)
      Next on the bench is a started Dragon Jagdtiger and than comes my first Sherman in this small scale.

  8. Fantastic job Bernd, on that small scale too.
    Fine weathering, especially along the sides.
    Nice one mate.

  9. This is just perfect. Bravo!

  10. Those are beauties! 1/72 can be a great scale for armor, quickly built with room for many.

    • Thank you very much for stopping and leave this kind comment here, Bill. After i bought my first tank in this scale, i was surprised how good the details in this scale are, nowadays.
      I did some Matchbox and Ecsi AFVs in my youth, but they looked awful from my crappy work and the too thick rubber tracks.

  11. You beat me to it!! I’m doing a desert version though! It should be ready some time next week!
    Lovely model and nicely weathered! A very detailed article also, that should save me from writing too much!
    Nice one for the collection, they look cool sat together!

  12. These 1/72 kits are definitely a good way to build up a collection in a small space, especially when they look as good as yours, Bernd, and your posting is perfect, good background, good model and good photographs, alll in all a good job! You can’t have too many “goods”!

    • Hi George, thank you very much for this warm and highly motivating words. Space is precious and the 72nd ones are cheap as well, that save a lot budget too.
      My pictures were edited with the Microsoft picture manager and i post only the real looking ones, sometimes there is an automatic change, while compressing it, my “photo studio” is a cardboard (got three colors) on a laundry dryer in the garden.
      Finished the tank on Wednesday, but was unable to do pictures because of a stormfront reaching middle Europe.
      Again, thank you very much.

  13. Hi Bernd. I can only echo what everyone else has said. The weathering does give the small scale a great feel of reality. That is a nice collection you are forming. I have Dragon’s 1/72 Sherman VC and Sherman M4A4 to build so may join you.

    • Thank you very much Alan, the Dragon Sherman family are very nice kits, got a Sherman III and a M4A1 with the later turret, what about building Shermans here side by side, at some time ?

      The M4 will be much portrayed in my collection, for many modellers are a Sherman is a Sherman, but its far from true, there are many sub versions and interesting schemes. The Firefly is on top of my wish list ( with a lot of others 🙂 )

  14. Well done Bernd, you’re getting me in the mood to get back to work on my tanks.

  15. Oh, Yea! Bernd. Very cool and well painted and weathered model. Now I have to say I am really slowing down at the local hobby store when I pass these kits. They really look like a lot of fun. And model into great looking tanks. Another one on the list. OK maybe more than one.
    Thanks for the photo of the trio of tanks.
    California Steve

    • Hi Steve, good morning and thank you very much, believe me this little “steel monsters” are fun to build and there is
      some very interesting after marked stuff out. Barrels, PE s, and some Resin as well. After i bought the T-72 i felt the need for a Leopard tank and so on, you can t have too many of this and displayed together, you can compare all the differences in construction, i guess you will put them up in your great dioramas, i am looking very forward to it (on your others as well 🙂 )

  16. This one is the best of the lot yet, you’ve really managed to give it a “detailed look”! Also, that tedious photoetch really was worth the work I think!

    Best regards


  17. Really nice work Bernd, I especially like the pic that shows all three tanks together. Very cool.

  18. Hi Richard,the space above has run out, so i am talking from the “deep”.
    Someone, like you, with these perfect looking builts should have no fear to mess up a tank, i do mainly aircrafts, all a modeller need is practise, thats what i have learned.From time to time i “redo” some older kits to upgrade them, have fun with your tank 🙂

    • Just seen you here! Thanks for the compliment! It is built but I haven’t got any paint on it yet. The apache I’m working on hasn’t been as straight forward as I first thought. Yes this tank is going to be a learning curve so I’m not too worried about getting it perfect, I’m a bit more confident now I have my wheel masks though!

      • Hi Richard, i don t mask the wheels on a tank, i spray the camo on, and paint the rubber rim with a brush. If its not perfect i counter it with the camo-colour. The running gear will be weathered very well and paintig glitches won t be seen.
        ( pssst, its a secret) Can t wait to see your Helicopter !

  19. I have just build for fun Abrams with my son during last weekend. Also Revell 1/72. I was surprised with the kit quality. Your Challenger is wonderful!

  20. Thank you Martin, the Abrams hit my stash only some days before, it is on the same level with the Challenger. Will buy a Extra Tech PE set for it too.
    It will hit iModeler soon (hope so)

  21. Bernd,
    I saw your Challenger for the first time today. It’s simply amazing! Your weathering and attention to detail is inspiring. The next time I make an armor kit, I am going to to come back and study these photos in order to steal every idea I can from you about detailing and weathering.

  22. Bernd,
    Absolutely gorgeous work on this very small scale. If it wasn’t for the matchstick it would look real.

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