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For the Battle of France / Battle of Britain topic. Classic Airframes 1/48

Hi all, for the BoF/BoB.

1/48 CA Boultan Paul Defiant. I loved building this kit. Lots of fun even with the extra workload of a limited run kit. It went together very nicely.
Not many pics sorry. But hope you like anyway.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

28 responses to For the Battle of France / Battle of Britain topic. Classic Airframes 1/48

  1. Well done Paul. If you can, give us more pictures.f

  2. Love it. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Defiant which IMHO was an engineering triumph, only made for combat conditions that didn’t materialize. (changed due to the German occupation of France)

  3. Great to see Paul, nicely finished.
    Well done sir, the first to post.

  4. I read a reveiw that this was a real bi**h to build! If so a great job on a difficult kit. I’ve been tinkering with my Airfix 1/72, which is easy to build but has a lot of outline issues not to mention next to no internal detail. Inspiring Paul.

  5. Great looking Defiant Paul. Well done!!!

  6. A very nice and a rarely seen kit, i like it a lot !

  7. I love the old BP Defiants – 1930s technology struggling manfully to keep up with the up-gunned, big-engine German machines. Cool build.

  8. I gotta go with Bernd, you don’t see one of these everyday. Well done even if posted one day early.

  9. Was thinking about buying and building this. Looks good mate well done

  10. Great modeling Paul. I would sure like to see a few more photos if you could. Really nice!
    California Steve

  11. I am reminded about a comment I read years ago about a similar concept aircraft. The reviewer called it “Chase me charlie, I can shoot you down”!
    Think he was talking about the LEO 45 with the 20 MM cannon in the rear (sorta) position.
    Same deal.
    Working on the assumption that the enemy will do what you want.
    Not proved, as they say.
    Always liked the aircraft, nonetheless. Really nice job on it, don’t see one all that often.
    I’d be happy for a new mold Airfix 1/72, as 1/48 is too much to hope for.

  12. I remember building the original Airfix 1/72 kit when it came out (I was very young), I’ve no idea what happened to it, but it certainly didn’t look anywhere as good as yours!

  13. Outstanding job Paul, really impressive.

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