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Revell M60 A3 & M9 Dozer Blade in 1/72 scale

Hi, after all this modelling art, here comes my little M60 tank in 1/72 ( oh well). It is so far the most complex armor kit in this scale done by me. The tank itself has around 180 parts, the blade has around 20 pieces and its a little kit in its own right.

According to the instructions, the M60 was the follow on to the M48 Patton tank and was the main battle tank in the U.S Army until the introduction of the M1.

It was used by the Marine Corps as well and saw combat in Operation “Desert Storm”. These upgraded tanks can be build with the RoG kit “M60 A1 with ERA” with all these reactive armor plates all over.This kit crowded my stash since a few weeks and will hit my bench hopefully soon.

Both kits are currently out of production, but can be found easily on a certain online auction company, for example.
Some data:
Armament: one 105mm M68 gun,one coaxial mounted 7,62mm M240 MG and one 12,7mm MG in the 360 degree rotating commander cupola ( a bit like the WWII M3 tank)
Engine: A 750 HP diesel engine.

The kit is full of nice detailing, the hull portraits the “aerodynamic design” very well, the tracks are build from single links and some longer parts and fit very well. The only fitting problems were discovered at the end of the hull and on the turret, which is also highly detailed.The gun barrel is open, so no extra drilling.The kit was done right out of the box.

The camo was applied with a brush over a sprayed layer of brown. This was followed by a lot of drybrushing and a thin sprayed layer of tan, to archieve some “dust”. The outcome, was sadly a bit disapointing, i hope you like it anyway.


7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

38 responses to Revell M60 A3 & M9 Dozer Blade in 1/72 scale

  1. Fantastic Bernd. Very impressive for a small scale! The dry brushing really stands out. Love it!

  2. Nice Bernd, small scale armour looks nice .
    Like the weathering too.
    Nice one mate.

  3. I don’t understand why you would be disappointed in the result. It looks just fine from here. You can’t “weather” a tank incorrectly in my opinion. Those individual links must have been a pain in that scale (1/35th is bad enough). I think it’s an outstanding build, my friend – and equally outstanding pictures as well. Nice work all around, Bernd. I like it…especially with the front blade attached. Don’t see nearly as many of these examples as there really were.

    • Hi Craig, thank you very much for your kind comment. Why i was disappointed ? Hmm, when i start something, i have a picture of the finished model in mind and sometimes it matches with the end result, sometimes not so. This one filled the latter “option”.
      Beside that, i am proud to get it through the finishing line, like all other projects.
      These single tracks can be a pain, but i found a good way, i start with the longer pieces of the tracks, at the bottom and go piece by piece over the wheels, the M60 kit has no flash on the tracks, to clean, like the Tiger II and this helped a lot, i still prefer vinyl tracks, tanks are always more a side project for me and Dragon kits with over 1000 pieces in 1/35 are not.
      The pictures are done with our Fuji Finepix bridge type camera on a gray cardboard outside.

  4. MAGNIFICENT, SUPERB!!! Sehr ausgezeichnet mein Freund.

  5. The M60 is a cool vehicle, it looks a lot better than its successor that is a lot more angular!

    Be proud of your work Bernd! I like the paintwork, if I would advise you on something it would be changing all the “railing” (on the turret and over the headlights) for something that is a bit thinner than the kit parts!

    Best regards


    • Thank you Magnus,i am glad you like it. The “basket” on the rear turret is too thick, here comes plastic mouldings to an end, but i was glad to get this multi piece affair on the tank. Currently there is a british Challenger I on the bench and the baskets were replaced by PE parts . May i will change this at some point, a second M60 is still waiting….

  6. I can identify with the end product not meeting the builder’s vision but it is usually the builder who is the most critical. Personally I think your model captures the look & spirit of the subject.
    You can’t beat RofG for molding & price in Braille scale.
    Here’s an approach to assembling ‘link & length’ track. Try using Gator glue or an equivalent flexible white glue on the links. Glue them in a run on a flat surface & then not too aggressively form them around the sprockets & idlers.
    Works for me.
    Again, nice work on this Bernd.

    • Hi Al, thank you for your kind comment. The weathering/dust pronounced the too thick brushed on color, that was my problem.
      Your “track solution” sounds good to me, may i will give it a try.

      The start to do 1/72 armor came last autumn, when i did an order and needed something to have free shipping, it was the T-72 and that was my start here on iModeler.:-)

  7. Bernd I think you achieve a ‘dusty’ look very well and I am quite impressed. Like you I have a mental image of the end product when I start. The end result almost never looks like that, but i have learned to stand back and look at it as if I didn’t build it and consider how I would perceive it then. Often it’s just fine, and sometimes better.

    I have been considering build a tank model recently, or buying one to do after my current project which is going to take a while, your model makes me want to buy one of those armor kits – thanks for posting it.

  8. Looks Great to me Bernd! Very nice. I have yet to build a tank in that scale. You have my interest raised in building one.
    Very cool,
    California Steve

  9. Like Steve said, it looks great, especially bearing in mind that viewing the pictures on my lap-top makes them considerably bigger than your model. I think that most of us are guilty of being too self-critical or modest at times………….

    • Thank you George, i am glad you like it. Yes the tanks in this scale are very small, perfect for modellers with not too much space.
      These self critical habit grows in the build, you know the points, that came out not so…, a viewer won t notice it.

  10. Looks good from here, Bernd. So much detail for the scale. Only thing for me is that it cries out to be set in a terrain feature, otherwise very nice indeed.

  11. Hi Rob, thank you very much for this nice comment. And yes, the presentation is very “theoretical” may i do some dioramas as well, the needed inspiration comes almost on a daily basis here 🙂

  12. Excellent Bernd – in any scale 🙂 I was considering the new RoG 1/35 Patton new tool recently. After seeing your M60 i’m tempted again!

    • Hi Gregor, thank you for stopping and leaving a nice comment !
      This new RoG kit can be a new entry for 1/35 scale kits for me, looks very good. Hopefully they do more versions of the Patton.
      Currently i am discovering AFV-Club kits in that scale. Nice details, rubber (or vinyl)tracks, useful pe parts and metal barrels.
      If you got one M48 post some pictures, please.

  13. That’s really effective paintwork on this model, Bernd. I like it a lot.

  14. Great work Bernd. These small scale Revell mudcrawlers look the business.

    • Thank you again, Gregor. The 1/72 RoG kits are little gems, the earlier kits are a bit on the crude side of modelling, but the newer ones are great and on a high level.
      This posting and the chat, inspired to get my Challenger I on the bench again and will be soon ( i hope ) hit the news.

  15. Great work Bernd. Small scale tanks are difficult to finish realistically. Yours is a great example of properly subdued painting and weathering.

  16. Thank you very much John, the camo was painted on a sprayed underground, brown in this case, the weathering was done with an acrylic wash, there are special thinners out, they stop acrylics drying too fast and a lot of drybrushing later on. As said above i wasn t too happy with it, may this one will get an upgrade at some time.
    Thank you all for the positive feedbacks, i really appreciate this ! 🙂

  17. Bernd, your M60 looks just like the ones I everyday in Germany back in the ’70’s. That’s plenty good for me. Well done.

  18. That looks awesome Bernd. You’ve inspired me to build some more 1/72 armour (inspired me to buy some more 1/72 armour kits, at least).

    • Hi Steve, thank you very much, these little tanks are fun to build, i hope we will see at some time your great work (as usual).
      The feedback of this posting motivated me to finish another tank in 1/72, Kit is done, article written, no photos outside possible, Europe is reached by a massive storm front with bad weather, so no pics outside.
      I am planning a big collection of 72nd scale military vehicles from the beginning (WWI) until now.

  19. Bernd,
    This is a stunning build. Fantastic

  20. Thank you, Frank. These newer tank kits in 1/72 have great detail just for a few bucks.The M60 is a very complex kit for its size, more than 200 parts must be assembled, the dozer blade is a small kit in its own right, great stuff.

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