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The worst box art ever produced! This got my attention…Long story, lots of pictures…

OK here is the story. I was in Pegasus hobby shop. A mecca here in Southern California. And I was looking at all the best of the best models available in the world and I came upon this,(second photo). It was the most gosh ugly morphed out worst undeniably stupid way bad, did I mention hideous looking piece of box art I had ever seen! I had to have it! So I picked it up and was walking around this very large candy land of model dreams store and I came upon one of the owners and struck up a casual conversation. He began by saying, “Oh, you found it”. It was marked twenty dollars. I said yes, I couldn’t help myself. He said I think you will be happy with your purchase. I felt like Harry Potter in the magic wand shop. So I took it home and opened the box. The darn thing is motorized from the factory! And it looked nice! So here is the rest of what I added. LED headlights and a infrared light to pin the target. This was done by adding a red LED inside a plastic tube with a pinhole at the blunt end. Hey, it works. Thanks for reading my novel. I hope you like my true story. I guess you can’t judge by the cover.

California Steve

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

24 responses to The worst box art ever produced! This got my attention…Long story, lots of pictures…

  1. How cool is this ! 🙂 Looks like a lot of fun, great work Steve.

  2. Never saw one built before. Good looking model.

  3. Love this one Steve!!! Another stunner. Waiting to see more of your diverse subjects!!!

  4. OK Steve, looks different but good.
    Like the addition of lights.
    Nice story too.
    Well done mate.

  5. seriously strange looking wheeled thingie! Cool work on it and I like the story! You continue to bring interesting stuff on here and I really enjoy seeing it. Nice one!

  6. You’re right, this was a horrible box artwork. Looks like some weird moon transporter from Space 1999. It is hard not to admire your attitude to modeling!

  7. I was in Reno, Nev. once & saw a sign in front of a restaurant/ bar that said “Worst Steaks in Nevada” so I figured it was some advertising gimmick & had to have one. Unfortunately the “Truth in Advertising” law had been properly applied in this case.
    Glad to see you had better results than I did. Do you supply you own sound effects?

  8. Great! Looks like something from a James Bond movie.

  9. How come your finished model doesn’t look anything like that box art…? 🙂

  10. I put in the microwave to dry the paint and see what happened!
    Shrinkage!! U funny guy Craig. I read your comment and cracked up.
    California Steve

  11. You’re right, Steve, that box art is so bad it’s good! Whatever, you’ve made a great job of it, as usual, the LEDs definitely lift it out of the usual. Excellent!

  12. Thank you George. I am working on another very unusual model at this time. I will post it up later for better or worst. This one is probably worst, But I think everyone will be interested. Wish me luck.
    California Steve

  13. A brave purchase, but you cannot fault the end product! Cool lights!

  14. Thanks Richard, As soon as I opened the box I got my camera out to record the contents. It really is a good model. No flash, and all of the pieces fit together very well. All of the hatches on the top have hinges and open and close with ease. The only thing I might have wanted is for the front forward drivers hatches to be as well designed as the top ones. I just has to add the lights.
    Thanks again,
    California Steve

  15. Very interesting subject, I was at Pegasus yesterday in fact looking at a similar wheeled vehicle on that back corner of the shop where they just bought a huge collection of armor. I just love how you just upgrade the base kit, well thought out and nicely done on an a rare kit. Always looking forward to all of your projects Steve. Thanks for sharing.

    Fly Navy

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