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1/48 Monogram Convair B-58A Hustler

November 18, 2014 · in Aviation · · 35 · 3K

This is another favourite of mine, the . The kit is getting on a bit but still not a bad build and intersting in this scale. Pretty straight forward build, raised panel lines are a bit of a pain but you get over it and make the best of what you can. I could have gone big on the interior detail but decided to shut the lid as the cockpit detail was a bit sparse. everything is straight from the box including decals of which there are a couple of options.
The fun part for me is the painting. Lots of opportunity for bare metal panels.

There's another one of these beasts in the loft. Next one could go camo, or should we stick to bare metal? Decisions...

Just added photos of the real thing at Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson.

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  1. Like it Alistair.
    Great use of various NMF`s .
    Big bird too.
    Well done sir.

    • Thanks Simon. I think it's about 24" give or take. Big, yes, and that pitot tube at the front is actually a darning needle from the wife's sowing box. It will stab you in the arm before it breaks off. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • OUCH! That would hurt.
        P.S. Sorry about the typo on your name.

        • Ah, no worries Simon. I've used needles a couple of times on models. another good one is with 1/72 Boeing 707/KC-135 VHF antenae on the tail fin. These plastic probes, pitot and ariels don't last long if you have them on display and you have kids around. My kids are grown up but they know how sharp a Hustler pitot tube is. They learn quick.

  2. Beautifully finished and photographed, sir...real [big] eye candy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Agreed the metal finishes look the business.

  4. Alistair, another vote for the NMF, it's a beauty.
    Well done! Too big for me.

  5. You have the talent to do NMF so I'd go with that. That cockpit glass really shines.

  6. Hello Alastair...Beautiful job on that Hustler, your NMF is quite nicely done and I congratulate you on producing a fine model.

  7. That's a beautiful model Alastair! I love the Hustler; what a bad-*ss in its day. Great job on the finish too! Now I want one...:)

  8. EXCELLENT. I built this one myself and I can only commend you on this one. It's a stunning kit if you get the NMF correct. You got it!

  9. Great modeling Alastair. Just a wonderful rendition of this fantastic aircraft.
    Califiornia Steve

    • Thanks Steve. It is a 'baaad' looking plane for it's day. If it was a car it would a dragster I suppose. All speed but no legs at low level. Touched a real one at Pima, AZ. Felt a bit like a pilgrimage. It was a bit of desert dust that got in my eye, honest ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Very nice work on this. Every once in awhile, I glance at mine in the to-do pile in the garage. Then I turn to something else. May have to change that sometime.

  11. Very impressive, Alastair, like the others have said, a great NMF finish.

  12. Outstanding Alastair

  13. i have always been a fan of the b-58 - yours came out excellent! nice metal finish!

  14. Looks great Alastair! I really like the metal finish and I read above you used lots of varieties to achieve it. I remember making a Hustler as a kid in the '70's, but don't see any kit that matches that date. I thought it was a Monogram but in my fuzzy childhood memories, so not sure.

  15. Impressive work Alastair, perfect NMF on a sharp looking aircraft.

  16. Really nice work Alastair,your masking on the canopy is very neat did you use a masking set ?

    • Thanks Neil. I just used Tamiya masking tape. I don't know if you can get these precut masks for the Hustler. It would be worth it I'm sure but I managed to get away with it I think.

  17. One thing about the 58, for a bomber it was rather small. Very nice work.

  18. Awesome paint job, Alastair. Your enjoyment of doing-up well-done finishes really comes thru in this model.

  19. Alastair, I'd love to see you do your other kit in camo. Imagine a Hustler done up in SEA colors...:)

  20. Awesome ! Beautiful ! and all the other expletives ! It's the kind of job most of us wish we could do, but never try. There's probably more B-58's in boxes, than on shelves. Congrats on a fine looking model.

  21. Amazing Alastair, can't add much more than what the lads have already mentioned. Though I can say that i do share the feeling you felt when walking around that B-58 at Pima. It's a wonderful place to visit. The Hustler does have that big but not that big look, but still awesome when your in its presence. What was striking to me was how small the main wheels were compared to much smaller airframes that were on display. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Alastair,
    Everything about this is perfect. Excellent job.

  23. An impressive build of an even impressive plane. Well done. Love the different tones of the bare metal.

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