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Battle of France/Battle of Britain Group Build – Airfix 1/48 Ju87B-2 Stuka

Here’s my Stuka 3 days late.
The modifications I made to the kit are:
True Details brass set and other parts used to dress up the cockpit.
Kit canopy cut into sections, windscreen and pilot’s canopy used as masters to vac-u-form new parts, Kit parts used for the gunners section with interior frame work scratch built
Kit gun barrels replaced with QuickBoost parts
Cross braces added to kit bombs
Clear cover made for the aiming window in the belly.
Sirens scratch build and added to both gear spats
Lens added to landing light, and pitot tube replaced with hollow tube.
Raised detail repaired with sprue and Archer rivets
White Ensign/Model Master/Polly Scale paints used.
Kit decals used throughout, except for “that one” which came from Xtradecal
Areomaster RLM 70/RLM 23 canopy framing decal cut to fit and used for most of the canopy framing.
After looking at pictures Ju87B-2’s involved in the Battle of Britain I kept weathering to a minimum and left the paint in a semi-gloss finish.
As always feel free to comment. A link to the in progress build follows the pictures.

26 responses to Battle of France/Battle of Britain Group Build – Airfix 1/48 Ju87B-2 Stuka

  1. Looks Great Rick , well worth waiting for.
    Time well spent sir.
    Nice pics as well to add.
    Well done Rick.

  2. Subtle finishes and great attention to detail.

  3. Beautiful Stuka!! Well done Rick.

  4. Wow, thanks guys, I wasn’t expecting such quick replies. I was still trying to get the title photo to present correctly. I’ve given up and asked Martin for help.

  5. This is the one I’ve been waiting to see – tremendous job Rick, as I expected from the progress pics…

  6. Better late than never as they say. Really turned out great. I can attest that Mr. Wilkes has worked on this, the Hurricane & a Spitfire that hasn’t been shown yet almost since the Build was announced. A lot of work was involved to get these to the exemplary examples that they are.

  7. superb indeed, I hope I do as well on mine

  8. Spectacular workmanship, Rick….the photos are top notch. Appears I’ll to give Airfix another look – apparently they’ve stepped up.

    • Thanks Craig, while this kit was originally issued in the ’80s it compares very well with the Revel/Monogram Ju87G you just posted. That being said, Airfix’s current new mold kits are excellent and possibly the best bang for the buck on the market right now.
      Remember though, just because it’s a red box doesn’t mean its a new tool kit, do your homework. 🙂

  9. Spot on! Excellent period-correct build.

  10. Rick:

    First rate. I love the galloping penguin insignia, where did that come from?
    I remember the first 1/48 Stuka I saw kitted was the ol’ Lindberg, which (being a kid) I was thrilled about, and built. Then, the Monogram one Craig built, the initial issue had the cannon for tank busting. I was excited about that, having read Rudels’ book. I beleive the Airfix followed that, and then Monogram reissued their Stuka as a “straight” dive bomber mit bomben.
    Not to forget the Airfix 1/72 original and it’s 2 successors, or the 1/32 Revell, with the snake on it.
    Seems to me things just got better and better, and now!
    Far cry from the Lindberg, I’m here to tell you.
    Elderly Bernie, surrounded by his unbuilt kits and memories….

    • Thank you Bernie. The galloping penguin insignia is from the kit. Airfix says the aircraft is from 5 Staffle/Stukageschwader 2 “Immelmann”, Lannion, France August 1940″ .
      I bought this kit for the group build, figuring on a quick out of the box build, then discovered that I had the cockpit set for it and things just snowballed from
      I have the Monogram Ju87D in my stash but this is the first one I’ve ever built.

  11. Like the others have already said, Rick, it looks spot on. I especially like what you’ve done with the canopy, really well detailed and finished. Great addition to the group build.

  12. Great job, Rick, captures the essence of that airplane perfectly….

  13. Thank you Jaime, I enjoyed the challenges, but I think I’m ready for a break.. Lol

  14. Well built, well finished, subtlety weathered. A show stopper for sure.

  15. Well done Rick, you made this old kit shine and you nailed the appearance of these aircraft. To keep the weathering at minimum is also a good idea, i believe the B-2 version was just coming in service at this time frame.
    The Airfix kit is the only kit with correct surfaces, these aircfaft had rivets on and overlapping panels.
    Great work, Rick 🙂

  16. Amazing job Rick, I enjoyed watching this one build up. Its hard to believe that this is an Airfix kit given its vintage. Fantastic!!

    • While there were times I “regretted” doing it, thank you for the suggestion to open up the canopies. I was more work than I expected but worth it in the end. I also appreciate the tips you gave me about the Hurricane, the were a tremendous help.

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