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In for a long haul

1/24 scale Freightliner from AMT. The kit rear view mirrors were a fail so I need to scratch build some.

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20 responses to In for a long haul

  1. Nicely turned out, Bruce. Any thoughts on a load for it?

  2. Great truck, perfect and flawless. Very nice !

  3. Nicely done sir.
    A big truck well built.
    Well done mate.

  4. Sharp, clean build Bruce.

  5. Well done Bruce, I really like it. Always liked the look of “Cab overs” better better than “Conventional” rigs, and you nailed this one.

  6. awesome model and great subject…really nice to see something different

  7. Nicely done…so how long is it, headlight-to-taillight…..?

  8. Nice build Bruce,why do American trucks look so cool??

  9. Awesome truck!!! Well done!!!

  10. “BREAKER BREAKER ONE NINE, WHAT’S YOUR TWENTY”? Great job, always enjoy a big rig on this site. I too used the CAT motor generator for a load but on a G-guage flat car.

  11. that is a nice looking machine! i bet if you scuffed the treads a bit and took photos of it outside, you could convince the world that it is a real truck – great work!

  12. They used to call a cabover a “crackerbox”, as once upon a time, crackers came in a tin. There is a certain similarity.
    Nice looking unit, looks like it just came thru the wash rack and safety lane.
    I was a dispatcher, but I saw the light!
    Linehaul Bernie

  13. Well seeing that I work for Peterbilt I would like to add my two cents worth Bruce. Fantastic! and a well done!! I am a outside parts salesman for the dealer and all I see every day are these huge trucks.
    You have done a outstanding job of modeling this. I had a chance to go for a short run in one of these and from the cab you are on top of the world. The visibility is unbelievable. There is one thing if I might suggest that would be a easy fun upgrade. The pole behind the cab is there to hold up the electrical and air hoses. Coil up a black and separate green piece of electric wire and run it from the pole to the front of the trailer. This would tie it together, Great model!!
    California Steve

  14. I have never driven a cab over but I drove conventionals for 18 years.
    That looks mighty sweet. I really like the gen set too. It goes well there and maybe some OD flags and signs.

  15. Good to see something different, Bruce, we don’t get too many of these on this site. Very clean build, but it must be quite difficult to photograph a model of this size. Shame about the mirrors, maybe California Steve can help you out with some replacements!

  16. Thanks for all of the kind comments. This is my first big rig truck model. It was a challenge mating the sleeper to the cab but as long as you have enough putty… IT’S ALL ABOUT FUN!

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