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Please indulge me. But I really didn’t know where to place this…1941 Dodge truck..

November 25, 2014 · in Uncategorized · 19 · 1.5K

In the walk around section, or the car section? I guess I got excited.

Sometimes I spend my lunchtime at the Van Nuys Airport viewing area.

When I rolled in and saw this my head exploded. This is a 1941 Dodge But it is not the later Power Wagon. It is the smaller little brother and a rare one at that.

I asked the owner if I could shoot some pictures, and he said no problem. We talked for almost a hour about the history of this beauty. He found it up North in California at a old mining ghost town and bought it from the owner for $3400.00.

It was completely disassembled. After a bit by bit fourteen year build this is the result. Note how the hood slopes down to the radiator. It tops out at about 45MPH and the winch on the front is driven off a PTO unit. And yes that is a 350 Chevy V8. And he has it fully registered to the 1941 plates! Oh, just to qualify for the aircraft category. In the fifth photo. Those are the fire bombers in the back grown. What a great day.

California Steve Drool away...

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  1. You'd think that if the guy was going for a "full restoration", he'd have at least tried to get hold of a period power-plant. I imagine the 350 pulls that thing around a tad faster than 45MPH 🙂
    The truck sure looks good, though.

    Makes no never-mind to me, but you're probably shoulda gone in the automotive group.

  2. I guess you are right Craig I'll move it over.
    He went for the 350 Chevy because the parts for the original engine are very sought after and big bucks. And mostly from company's in India!

    • At least the motor is done up to sort of blend in. The air cleaner looks period. It's hard to beat the color combo as well. BRG (or variations thereof) and black look great on just about anything!

  3. Looks like a work of art to me!

  4. Well maybe I will leave it here for a while.
    It sure is a cool truck Jeff.
    California Steve

  5. Nothing wrong with a V8 in a truck, Steve, and nothing wrong with your posting it in Headlines either. Good to see your enthusiasm with this.

  6. Thanks George, It sure was a good looking truck. I wish you could have heard it when he fired her up. Not hot rod loud, but just a power sound. Oh yea! You knew there was something going on.
    California Steve

  7. Thats a great look, my friend, thank you for sharing 🙂
    It looks completely new !

  8. Unusual to see something like this as you say, in a condition something like original. Usually see them as Candy Colored Tangerine Flaked Streamlined Low Rider makeover job.

  9. Leave it here. Needs to be seen.

  10. Nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia. My grandparents had one of these on their farm. Still in running condition back in the 1970's.

  11. Great find, thanks for sharing a good looking truck.

  12. 45 mph used to be too slow for your freeways but is probably too fast now. Must have about a 7.17:1 gear in it.
    Is a great looking truck.

  13. Brings back memories ...Dad had an old Dodge in the early 60's similar cab and box with the metal dash,no seat belts, I think there were some coiled springs for the seat and the box had wood planks. Then you had the manual choke for those cold winter mornings. Plastic hadn't been introduced, no GPS,no touch screens,or fuel injections,electric seat warmers or electric windows, no computer ...gas was 25 cents or less.

  14. Nothing wrong about this Steve, a great old vehicle.
    Thanks for posting.

    • Exactly, nothing wrong how things have changed. We now have smart vehicles with computers and the like vs the some of the honest and straight forward vehicles that were a lot simpler. Sheet metal and wood vs plastic and aluminum.

  15. that's a sweet ride

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