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Revell/Monogram F-4D Phantom II in 1/48 scale

Hi, the light was good outside and i took the camera and made some pics from my Spook.

The Monogram F-4 is a great kit, still after all the years. From time to time Revell is re-releasing older kits from Monogram. After this was out, i surfed in the net and after some days i got it in my hands.It never saw my stash, it went out of the box on my bench.

The fit of the cockpit tube was also not so good. The intakes needed some sanding to fit. All areas which needed some work were carefully masked to retain the fine but raised panel lines.On this kit everything is raised, the working parts like the spoilers, slats,flaperons too. My idea was to use an old modeller trick to prime the whole kit black, apply the camo and sand/polish the raised, black lines to pop out.

This worked relative well on the undersides, the multi colored uppersiders were masked to archieve the hard edges, neede on this camo to look realistic.
For the greens, i used Xtra colors and that was the problem, after the masks are of, i sprayed a glossy varnish all over to get the flat Modell Master Tan on the same glossy level.
Sadly the Xtra color reacted badly with my gloss. The next step after biting in my bench Sadly this has worked not to well, so some further sanding was necessary. A step which killed easily my raised panels 🙁
Trash it ? No, i choose to finish it, the camo was sprayed free hand on ( my favorite method)
The lost surface lines were recreated by thin black decal lines, found on older Airix decal sheets.It is sometimes very helpfull not to throw everything into the bin.
After a slight overspray with the camo colors and a semi gloss varnish i called it done and my F-4 is proudly sitting on my shelfs.
Not a great job, but i won ! 🙂
I hope you like it


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43 responses to Revell/Monogram F-4D Phantom II in 1/48 scale

  1. thats one heck uf a job, Brad.

  2. Funny how our plans change when things go sideways. I’m glad you stuck with it. Putting down decal panel lines must have been a bit tedious. I wouldn’t have the patience if that happened to me, I would just use a pencil. The model looks great though as do the photos.

  3. Great job Bernd, it turned out well. I like that you included the pilot figure.

  4. I think it turned out well Bernd. Glad you finished it. If your like me it takes a lot to trash one after investing time & money.

    • Thank you Al, i agree, there is in every kit a lot of time, love and money. The windscreen was sanded down and polished to correct the odd look of the Monograns version, for example.
      Strangly the better Phantom FGR.2 is still a unfinished project.

  5. That’s a fine looking “Rhino” Bernd. Glad you stuck with it after the finish went south on you. Your recover efforts look great, and the edges on your freehand camo are really tight.

  6. Thank you Rick ! My airbrush is a Badger 150 and i am still very satisfied with it. What you see, is a two session job.


  7. Phabulous Phantom, Bernd….one of my favorite aircraft. Monogram/Revell did/does a pretty good job on this kit for the money. I’ve done several over the years and never had what I’d call a real problem. Love that belly shot. Nice work.

  8. Thanks Craig, i thought Phriday is a good day for posting a Phantom 🙂
    This won t be my last Monogram Phantom. The Monogram design team with modern technics would be unbelievable i guess.

  9. Bernd, jets are not really my thing, but I must say I find this one very impressive, the paint job, colors and details are striking – excellent work !

  10. Nice one Bernd! I really like it ❗

  11. Looks like a great job to me mate! Nice camo,great colours!
    Some fantastic detail there as well, nice build!

  12. Photo question, Bernd, did you take the photo of the model set on a picture of the sky? Whatever you did makes a nice backdrop

    • Hi Ralph, the photos were taken outside the house, on a light blue cardboard, this multi toned impression come from the light and shadowplay from the trees and the low standing sun in autumn here. The photos were taken around noon.
      For my photos i use three different colored cardboard, the light blue, a gray and a green one.
      Thanks again 🙂

  13. Great Phantom Bernd, like it mate.
    One of my faves , the SEAC camo`s , have got this in my stash somewhwere.
    Well done mate.

  14. Looks good, Bernd. Apparently the disasters didn’t affect the final product. It’s a good inspriation for doing mine!

  15. I am glad you stuck with it Bernd. Very nice. Good solutions for the panel lines when the sanding trick didn’t work out. 🙂

  16. Beautiful Phantom Bernd! this kit will really make you work for it, but the results of your build are outstanding! After my last monogram phantom i thought i was done, but your model inspires me to want to build another one. great work!

  17. A really outstanding Phantom. WOW!!! Well done mein Freund!!!

  18. Guten Morgen Morne, thanks a lot 🙂
    There are some more Phantoms to do and i hope i can raise my quality bar a bit higher.
    Still in stash:
    Tamiya F-4J 1/32
    Revell RF-4C (E) 1/32
    Academy F-4B/N 1/48
    Hasegawa RF-4B (C/E) 1/48
    Hasegawa F-4E/J 1/72
    in “progress”:
    Hasegawa Phantom FGR.2 1/48
    Revell F-4F 1/72 ( converted in an early “E” )
    Did i mention that i like this aircraft ?

  19. It looks like you’ve scored a “hit” with this “phavourite”, Bernd. I enjoyed reading your write-up, it was interesting to learn how you overcame the problems encountered and managed to turn out another outstanding model.

  20. Thank you very much George, modelling is not always straight forward.
    This kit is may not a winner in a contest but i am proud of it and i thought it was worth a story.

  21. Very Very nice there Bernd! I love everything you have done on this model. Keep them coming.
    California Steve

    • Thank you very much Steve, good to know that you liked this one.
      There is still a lot of work on the other two projects.The F-4E is
      for some parts handpainted and need a lot of touch ups. My self mixed forest green has dryied out since them.I hope i can brief some new live in this one. May the P-40 was designed to wear a shark mouth, the F-4E is very close.

  22. Nice job Bernd. I’ve done two of the F-4Js over the years, once when I was very young, and another last year when I found another kit of “Showtime 100”. I’m going to get the new SEA release Revell has out to try you panel line trick on. Sounds like a pretty easy way to highlight panels without the effect being overpowering! (BTW, if you’re a flight simmer, check out Milviz’s website. They have what looks to be a spectacular F-4E coming out!)

  23. Thanks Josh, glad you like it,this method will be tried the next time on a Monogram Voodoo, i hope the outcome will be half way good as yours.
    My “flight” experiences were only a few hours with Il-2, after some minutes i am a hole in the ground, my gunner didn t like me too 🙁

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