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Scale Modelworld 2014 – Part 3 (1/48 scale aircraft)

November 10, 2014 · in Show Reports · · 9 · 4.2K

This part of our coverage of Scale Modelworld 2014.provides an overview of 1/48 scale aircraft models in the competition area.

Don't forget to check the other parts of this series.

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  1. Some extremely talented work on display there...but, given the venue, I suppose that's to be expected. Thanks for sharing, Martin.

  2. Martin, Thank you, Thank you, for taking the time to photograph all of these incredible models. If you think of all of the time and talent just in these series of photos, it is overwhelming. I must have studied the three photos of the B-24 Liberator,Taylor Maid for twenty minutes. Unbelievable! A modeling work of art.
    Thank you again.
    California Steve

  3. Can somebody explain to me the nuances (how bout that one) of the competition there? This Gold Silver stuff confuses me (I know I'm slow). They are still looking for flaws, yes? The flawless ones get Gold? Or is it more based on paint and finish? Are they judged by teams before they get put on display? Is that why there are awards already given, this early in the show? Just curious as to the mechanics of the competition over there.

    • From what I've heared, the judging procedures at SMW haven't been publicised. From what I've heard: No, they are not looking for flaws, but seem to ascertain the models in a number of criteria. These may very depending on the category of models. The judges work in teams of three and all judging is performed between 11 and 3 pm on Saturday. The competition room is closed to the public during that time.

      Perhaps someone from IPMS UK would like to fill in some more info.

  4. Oh before I forget, thanks for all the great pics I feel as though I'm almost there. Look forward to the 1/32's

  5. Holly Molly Bill! You mean there is more? Oh boy!
    California Steve

  6. Excellent series of great builds!

  7. That Marauder looks superb, that's just the way the paint applied to the upper bare metal surfaces without primer would look after a month's hard use of people walking on it and flying through rain storms. And getting the little-known fact that the wing ID stripes on the B-26 are almost all "undersize" to fit the area of the flap without overlapping onto the ailerons. This is a perfect example of someone who did spend a few hours doing research before committing to whacking plastic.

  8. I agree with Tom on the B-26. Weathering is superb and shows again that good research is worth it in the end!

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