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Scale Modelworld 2014 – Part 6 (1/48 & 1/32 scale aircraft contd.)

This part of our coverage of Scale Modelworld 2014.provides an overview of 1/48 and 1/32 scale aircraft models in the competition area.

Don’t forget to check all other parts of the series here.

36 additional images. Click to enlarge.

21 responses to Scale Modelworld 2014 – Part 6 (1/48 & 1/32 scale aircraft contd.)

  1. It’s beyond my comprehension how the judges can pick a ‘winner’ from all these fabulously done entries.

  2. I totally agree with Craig on this one, who would want to have to pick winners from all that lot, they are all winners in my humble eyes.
    Thanks for the pics Martin, hoped you enjoyed your visit to this not so sunny Isle.

  3. It’s fun, but is it a model aircraft? Best Ffaltz Fuselage diorama?

  4. Wow, so this was the Grand Masters’ Table,. yes? Not one there that isn’t superb. But that Pfalz diorama really is the best WW1 diorama I have ever seen anywhere, and having the cojones to cut up that kit to do that diorama means the modeler possessed great big solid brass ones. Wow.

  5. Every single year people post up pictures purely of the competition area and completely neglect the rest of the show.

    Glad to see this year is no different.

    • That’s true Paul, but I think it is purely a matter of prioritizing the time. I’d know from a frist-hand experience how many hours it takes to cover the comp area. Properly including the club displays’ part the would take more than double that time :). But they *are* a key part of the experience!

    • Paul, please see my postings. I tried to just wander around shooting clubs and SIGS and even trader stands that took my interest. Some exhibition subjects as well naturally, but frankly the light was not good in the exhibition room so I only took a few snaps there.

  6. I just want to thank Martin and the iModeler crew for giving us the opportunity
    to see all these wonderful models. I hope we can look forward to pictures of the club displays in the vendor room, for me that’s was best part of the show.

  7. Yes thanks Martin for sharing all these terrific images

  8. Martin, thanks for all of these terrific images, really, they are great, but, aren’t there any models of anything else but aircraft?

  9. Yes thanks for the great pics i hope everybody is save back home.

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