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T-34 Model 1940-best looking tank ever?

Or, can a tank even BE good looking? I think so. I saw a model of a T-90 the other day, man these new tanks are covered with “stuff” sticking out all over the place. I thought of my Dragon model 1940 built some years ago-perfection in design. The slope of the armor plates was beautifully melded in like a pyramid to deflect shots. The only flaw being the turret front overhanging the frontplate some. Anyhow I think it’s good lookin’, better even with the early 76.2mm gun and rounded mantlet. I had not the heart to smear mud on it, just dusted it some, just run a few miles from the factory. I hear the early T-34’s were built just as well as any Swiss watch, fine fitting with neat cuts and welds, and one ran halfway across Russia without breakdown. Only due to wartime pressure did they get ugly later. Anyway here she is the 34, beauty is as beauty does.

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10 responses to T-34 Model 1940-best looking tank ever?

  1. I dunno if the T-34 was the “best looking” tank (I tend to think not), but your model sure is good looking.

  2. Excellent T-34 Bill, it is a sleek looking tank, and a war winner if truth be told.
    For looks though, at least for me it’s the Walker Bulldog. ­čśë

  3. Top Five definitely, my favourite is the Centurion (I wish a good recent kit was available). However, top marks for this model, Bill, you’ve really brought out the handsome lines of this classic, the finish is just right in my opinion.

  4. It might be considered that the best thing about the T-34 was that it got the job done as you did with your representation of it Bill.
    Your photos really show off it’s lines.

  5. Hi Bill your “factory-fresh” T-34 is a beauty ! The most beautiful tank ?, that s a matter taste but this design was elegant for a tank and shows the superiority of the soviet designers compared with western designs.In my Panther book, written by Walter Spielberger, is a german war time report,comparing this tank against the Panther and the M4 and shows that this tank was still more than a match, maybe the best tank in WW II.
    And your excellent kit shows it, well done !

  6. Yes definitely a top three contender for me. I think it’s the seemingly oversized road wheels that give it such a distinct appearance.

  7. Gotta like the T-34, and this particular variant looks good to me.

  8. I’m not sure Bill, I think it is the between T-90 and the Type 10 for best looking, the Ferrari’s of the MBT world!
    I am quite bias though, I’m more into modern military. However your model looks amazing! It’s hard not to take interest in such a quality build!

  9. Nicely done Bill, just enough dust to say that it has moved.
    Well done mate.

  10. Thanks much men, glad you like her.

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