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Beauty and the Beast!

How about a little love for those old Lindberg automobile kits. The armored car is one I posted a while ago. It was derived from their Mercedes Benz racer. The new blue car is their Stutz racer with the Benz body grafted on. The windscreen is from a 32 Ford roadster that I cut and trimmed to fit the style and date of this era car. I wanted to do something different between the holidays just for fun and this was the cure.

I hope you like.
California Steve

10 additional images. Click to enlarge.

22 responses to Beauty and the Beast!

  1. WHAT….?! No lights..?? 🙂 🙂 Nice work anyway.

  2. Steve, now you’re just showing off… 😉
    I would never know I’m looking a bit of this a dash of that and a pinch of something else, tossed with imagination.
    The baking by an expert is obvious though, great work Steve

  3. Thanks Bob. Dang, now I want dessert.
    I am glad you liked.
    California Steve

  4. I like it but it’s pretty calm for you. The nice thing about building kit bashed cars is there are no rules you have to follow. You can let your imagination take over. WAIT, you do that anyway.

  5. Another blue car Al. The Stutz was supposed to be done in red. But I couldn’t resist Tamiya’s light blue TS-23. This was my break from potato’s, Dang, there goes that food sub thread subject again! Where are my Doritos?
    Thanks Al.
    California Steve

  6. Beautiful work Steve, i like them a lot. The armoured car has a face.
    This one could out of the movie “cars”. This would be also a perfect match for our weekly shopping at every Saturday 🙂

  7. Great work there Steve, I like the m a lot.
    Thanks for posting them.

  8. Nice builds Steve, thanks for sharing.

  9. Nice mate, great job on both!

  10. The armored car reminds me of a Chuck Taylor sneaker! I like the dual rear wheels on it, like the old Auto Unions. Is the radiator on the Stutz painted or foiled? I remember having two Lindberg cars when I was young. I can’t remember one of them, but the other was a Duesenberg. I do remember them being far and away better detailed that the aircraft kits!

  11. HI-HO Steve-a-rino…
    Say, didn’t that amoured car appear on the old 1970 TV show “BEARCATS”? Great job on thinking outside the box, really different!

  12. Mike! I must have been zoning about that TV series as I built these.
    Before I wrote this reply I Googled this series. And I remember how I couldn’t wait for the next installment. Great action. Tanks, blowed up stuff, women, and bad guys. all in the West! Probably why I liked Cowboys and Aliens soo much. I am glad you got a kick from these.
    Thanks again,
    California Steve

  13. I know you posted the armoured car before, Steve, but it was worth posting it again with the blue car, they make a great pair.

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