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Churchill Crocodile 1/72 Airfix 02321

Started the tank about 3 weeks ago as a supposedly weekend project to see the hairspray chipping technique / faded winter white washes in effect for the first time, it ended up as this vignette just now.
Everything except the tank on the scene is entirely scratch built from household materials.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

16 responses to Churchill Crocodile 1/72 Airfix 02321

  1. An effective vignette, I think. Maybe a figure to give it ‘personality’? Looks great, though.

  2. wow, its hard to achieve details in 1/35, and you did amazing job in 72, just wow

  3. Great little dio Murad, well done.

  4. cool diorama – looks very cold!

  5. The camo and the background blend superbly. Nice job.

  6. Great little dio, Murad looks very nice, hard to believe the small scale
    well done !
    More “weekend projects” please 🙂

  7. Nice work in such a small scale.

  8. good thing that ww2 allows for a lot of variety, otherwise this little scene might not fly in any other setting – eventho i did research the Croc’s likely area of ops in the western front, what we have here is make shift.
    also as Rob pointed out lack of a figure or two is a downside but i simply aimed to maximize my available resources & capabilities – suitable 1/72 figures ain’t one of those at the time unfortunately.
    anyway , it’s good to hear all the nice comments from you guys, thanks once again. 🙂

  9. A well weathered Tank sir, and on that small a scale too.
    Well done mate.

  10. Ulf and Simon thanks a bunch!

  11. Tight little vignette Murad. I’m getting cold just looking at it. To
    Very nice.

  12. That is just too cool Murad! Doing a diorama in a larger scale is a lot of work. But to pull it off in 1/72, and make it look as nice as this. Whew!… I like!
    California Steve

  13. TY very much Al and Steve

  14. Amazing little model in 1/72, there’s so much to see, and clever use of materials.

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