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F-4 J PHANTOM 1/48 hasegawa (VF-191)

Originally, the kit was the F-4B variant which I upgraded to represent an accurate J version. All the details were re-scribed.

22 additional images. Click to enlarge.

26 responses to F-4 J PHANTOM 1/48 hasegawa (VF-191)

  1. OUTSTANDING job, Millo….saw in your WIP post. Fantastic pics!

  2. Excellent work, Milo.

  3. Phantastic Phanny Millo, love it.

  4. That is a really beautiful model Millo, of one of the best looking aircraft of all time!

  5. Absolutely beautiful !!! Well done.

  6. Nice to see this in Headlines where it will be better appreciated.

  7. Just the best Millo!… Just the best. That is a top shelf model for sure!
    California Steve

  8. Love the weathering and burnt metal effect past the engines, looks great! The cocked nose wheel is a nice touch.

  9. A Phabulous Phantom. Very realistic in look and finish.

  10. GREAT ! really nice paint ! i love too weathering and burnt metal effect past the engines

  11. Thank you very much gentlemen, for beautiful comments 🙂

  12. Headlines is where this belongs.
    Sharply done Millo.

  13. NIce job Millo!

    I especially like the decal work and the metalizing of the exhaust nozzles.

  14. Great to see your work work here, Millo !
    Outstanding !

  15. Thanks everyone for the great comments , it means alot. I wasnt entirely satisfied with the photographs , I think I left the camera on Macro for some of the further away shots , but its all in the learning process!!

  16. After following your build it’s great to see this finally pictured so well in Headlines, it’s brilliant.

  17. That’s how you do it! Inspiring work mate!

  18. Glad you moved this to Headlines Millo, it’s a truely outstanding model.

  19. I hope we see your stunning F-105 here as well

  20. Wonderful work, Millo. Weathering is exceptional. Superior metalizing is the real deal.

  21. Milo,
    This is absolutely masterfull. What a stunning model. My sincere compliments.

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