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For the Motherland!

Multimedia installation on a Russian theme.

За Родину!

26 additional images. Click to enlarge.

29 responses to For the Motherland!

  1. Fantastic work there Rob.
    Seeing it all together is wonderful.
    The inter action between pieces tells many stories.
    Well done mate.

  2. Absolutely marvelous Rob!!! This is the part of modeling that requires that special skill to narate a story without using words. You clearly mastered that art perfectly!!!

  3. Wow! Things folks post here never cease to amaze me…….this is incredible! How large is it overall? Where will this end up, a museum somewhere? I am curious because I can’t imagine someone would build something like this without a plan for it after it is built

    I am VERY impressed!

  4. Congratulations to this piece of art, Rob ! You can “surf” again and again through the pictures and find everytime a new and nice detail.
    The tractor for example, is highly detailed and perfect weathered, love the metallic effect of the tracks.
    The battle damage of the 109 looks realistic and well done.
    Impressive 🙂

  5. Awesome Rob! It tells a story without words!

  6. Rob you were right, it all became one on the final stage. Enjoyed watching this WIP. Something like this would probably take me the rest of my modeling life & you did it in what 6 weeks?
    Incredible. Now comes the hardest part, keeping the dust off it.

  7. A lot of thought and effort really shines through, Rob….nice work.

  8. The postings lately are amazing, wonderful talent, imagination and thought into these projects. I love it. Well done Rob, well done. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy New Year!!!!

  9. Rob, that’s the most moving story in model form I think I’ve ever seen. You’ve portrayed it all in exquisite detail: not only the hardware but the people too. Just superb!

  10. Very Very nice Rob. A big well done. The multiple story lines really add to the attraction of your diorama. Way cool.
    California Steve

  11. Really nice Rob. Just went through the pics for a 3rd time. I am particularly drawn to the figure sitting down next to the dozer. Great detail on all of it, but for some reason that one really stood out. Beautiful work – as others have said, it really tells a story without words! thanks for posting it!

    • Thanks, Paul. The figure is from Stalingrad Miniatures (if they can’t do nice Russian figures, who can?!) I wanted a more relaxed figure here, having rigged up the chains to pull the aircraft down from the tree, he’s having a coffee first, but with the added measure of disdain for the enemy that his seat is the main 109 canopy.

  12. Wow, top work Rob!

  13. There is so much to look at and think about with this, Rob, really great, imaginative work, and beautifully executed, you must be very pleased with the outcome

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