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Get in the tank! ….And stop acting like Babys! single photo…

I just love throwing a wrench in here and there. Oops. spanners for our British readers.
California Steve

28 responses to Get in the tank! ….And stop acting like Babys! single photo…

  1. Nice lookin’ build, Steve….but where on earth did you get (and furthermore, why) figures of infants? You never cease to cause me wonderment! 🙂

  2. Just checking to make sure your your paying attention Craig.
    Actually, I am having some friends over. And this was a I dare you to post this. I was showing off the website. And were were goofing with the cameras. Then someone said lets have some fun.
    Well what a group of hooligans. I will beg forgiveness tomorrow.
    But in the meantime, Have fun.
    California Steve

  3. Honesty is the best politically! Wait!.. never mind.
    California Steve

  4. A bit “strange” but nice Steve !

  5. Are these babies born from the same mother, or what ? They look so exactly the same …

  6. Yeah, you might want to reconsider that “get in the tank” order if those nappies are “fully loaded” :))

  7. You could use some weathering to those babies Steve… Too clean compared to tank! 🙂

  8. Considering the scale I think those must be babies of the prehistoric giants those brothers are looking for on TV right now. At least it’s on here in Indiana but then we do tend to watch outlandish shows.
    Tank looks pretty good too.

  9. Steve:
    I can only wonder what your Christmas Cards are like?
    Have you ever seen an “art car”?
    It’s one of them “hip” things. Or something.
    It’s like a filipino Jeepney, only stranger and less structured. Yoiur babies would be glued to the tank, with all kinds of bric-a-brac in really strange colors, and no apparent (to me, anyhow) pattern.
    Little wierd brainstorming for you, here. (chuckle)

  10. Hmmm. “Village of the D–ned” was on TCM last night. Coincidence? Inspiration?

  11. Al: It’s on here in the East, also. Curse of Oak Island is getting on my nerves, though.

  12. May be he was asking them if they had any nappy-palm?

  13. Steve it’s clear you don’t need any of my meds to “crank” your imagination 😉

  14. Are your kids looking for your retirement home yet, Steve? 🙂

  15. Yes sir, those are some big babies! I agree that they could use a bit of weathering too; just let them crawl under the tank a few times…:)

  16. Interesting. Very interesting…………

  17. what in the heck…i’ve heard of war babies but this…get war daddy up here on the double

  18. Great reply’s guys. Here is what happened. I had some friends over to goof and talk about models and stuff. Then I showed them imodeler and they started going through the supply drawers in the modeling room/man cave. Then someone said “let’s have some cool ones. Then someone said Let’s post one of Steve’s models and see what it looks like on imodeler. Well things got a bit out of hand.
    We did really have a great time. I slept in the next morning.
    California Steve

  19. Old Gomer Pyle dragging the kids off to war whilst mum play Rosie the Riveter in the factory back home. 😉

  20. To quote Men Behaving Badly (a classic BBC sitcom) “too weird, mate”.

  21. Good one George. I have seen a few of these.
    California Steve

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