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HobbyBoss 1/48 Ta 152 C-1

The C-1 was the low to medium altitude version of the Ta 152 and in all probability, according to the available references never got to full flying prototype stage.

This project is a bit of a “what-if” and has been finished as if it made it to the flight testing stage.

It was intended to be built out of the box, however I needed to correct certain errors & let other ones pass:

Modifications to the kit include scratch building the front firewall, extending the wing wheel well bay to meet the corresponding fuselage section. That pesky wall that intruded into the wheel well preventing the gear to retract in reality was also removed. The ammunition bins behind the engine were also scratch built.

Not corrected are the shape of the props, and the annular radiator which needed to be extensively modified, and frankly life is too short and no one but the most ardent Luftwaffe fanatic would notice. (Quickboost does a radiator correction set but I could not source one at the time).

At any rate both parts are just push fitted in for the time being incase the corrections are added in the future.

Apart from those relatively minor quibbles the kit builds up very nicely.

Photo etch parts are included for the seat belts, exhaust deflector and rear canopy deck.
Decals are a bit indifferent and I found they silvered a bit.

My recommendation is you source some from your aftermarket spares collection.
Please feel free to add your comments & questions and I’ll do my best to answer them, in the meantime, once again thanks for looking.

17 responses to HobbyBoss 1/48 Ta 152 C-1

  1. Very nice Marek. She looks awesome!!

  2. Marek! Me likey a lot! This is the kind of warbird I would consider flying if I only had the time 🙂 !

    Really nice looking model of one of my absolute favourites, and beautiful photography as well!



  3. Nice looking model, Marek. Always a popular subject.

  4. As Magnus stated…..a nice job and nice photo’s. Well done all around.

  5. Building the exact same kit right now and i’m not sure what to do with mine after seeing yours Marek! Looking very very nice. 🙂

    As for the kit itself, as long as one is not a rivet counter this is a must build kit imho, fit was exceptionally well with just a little bit of filler needed at the wing roots and that was it tho i agree with Marek re: decals, they don’t play ball with microsol or tamiya markfit well!

    • Hi Murad, thanks for the comments, and yes I agree regarding build.
      There’s still plenty of mileage regarding schemes, since the kit codes are pretty spurious anyway & you could have a bit of fun building it as a 21st century warbird replica (!!!!!). Red Bull Racer anyone?

  6. Nice job Marek.
    Apart from agreeing with the other comments, I would like to say that you really have achieved a nice sheen on the model. Not to matt, not too shiny.
    Very nice.

  7. I’m in agreement with Ulf on the finish. Not only does it have that sheen he mentioned but it appears it only has enough paint to cover it.
    Very nice.

  8. Thanks guys for all the kind comments.

  9. Oh were not done with you yet Marek! I would like to also add what a great job you have done with this kit. Superb modeling.
    Thanks for posting,
    California Steve

  10. Great looking build, Marek, love the paintwork. Got the same kit in my stash, very tempting.
    Kits from Hobbyboss/Trumpeter like this can be nice and relaxing builds

    • Hi Bernd, you won’t be disappointed with this one as a stash build choice. HobbyBoss has a bit of a reputation for variable quality if the reviews are to be believed, but this one seems to have been done by their “A” Team. There’s just a few corrections that need to be done as noted in my preamble above, and then it’s your proverbial “walk in the park” build wise.

      • Hi Marek, its with Trumpeter and Hobbyboss (same company, i guess) always the same, when its done by the A team its great.
        Your build is really tempting, i digged out my HB Ta and Eduards D-9, in the Eduard box, there is a proper spinner for spare and the big wooden prob blades are in the spare box.
        The rest will be a practise in relaxed modelling
        Great build, well done

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