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Off the wall vintage slot car display for the Man Cave

Well with all the great modeling going on here, you have to admit it takes some insane madness to post a couple of slot cars. But I am extremely happy with the way my display turned out. I just couldn’t throw these cars on the back shelf. I have been thinking about this idea for months. And I think it will add a great conversation piece to the man cave. Just mention slot cars to anyone over 30 and the stories just keep a coming. The cars are secured on to the track with tie wraps so they can be removed easily. A aircraft dio on the tarmac might be in order here . Hmmmm? Great fun.

Have a Great New Year everyone!
California Steve

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22 responses to Off the wall vintage slot car display for the Man Cave

  1. Be careful with that Red Ryder carbine…..”you’ll shoot yer eye out…” – 🙂

  2. Holly molly Craig that was a fast response! That was a present from my sister last Christmas. Proudly displayed. Well? did you like the slot car stuff?
    California Steve

  3. They must be on the old Monza track for the centrifugal force to keep them up there like that. Musta push the driver of the 14 car right out of the car.
    Anyway, good idea & nice slots.

  4. I like the slot car diorama. Very nice photos as well. I got my first slot car set back in 1979. Enjoy the new year festivities Steve!!

  5. Thats really nice Steve, great dio !
    If i had the proper space i would dig my 1/87 electrical drive trains out and make a diorama around it.
    Very nice Steve ! 🙂

  6. Wroooooooommmmmm!!! 🙂

  7. Dang, I wish I had kept all my slot car stuff. Hey Steve, remember the slot car craze 1963-1966? On the East coast we had race tracks at every hobby shop and some shops just had the race tracks alone(no models). I had the 1:43 Revell slot cars and tracks, also ran 1:24 scale Cox formula one cars on the Revell track. I have a lot of wall space but it’s hidden by models, your re purposed “slots” are a great display!

  8. We had a monster track in Burbank CA with a eighty eight foot straightaway! What was cool when they built the track they painted it flat black with very fine sand mixed in and brush painted it on. The traction was superb and they sold a lot of tires. My Grandma gave me a Cox 1/24 Cobra.
    Now that was some fun.
    California Steve

  9. i think insane madness pretty well describes you…nice room…what i can see

  10. And I thank you Bob. Now that is the nicest thing I have heard all day. Haa!!
    I am thinking about picking up a bit around the man cave and posting here.
    It is just that when I start a project I start opening up my spare parts boxes and they get spread all over the floor. I really want to share my “Wall-O-Planes” I have a whole wall with aircraft mounted nose down. Maybe in a month or so.
    Have a Great New Year Bob.
    California Steve

  11. I love it your slot car display, Steve. In my last house in the UK I decorated the downstairs loo with a Scalextric theme, and had vintage cars secured to pieces of track around the walls, it made you go faster! Happy New Year!

  12. Now I would have like too see that one George. Those cars packed flush to the track. Racing around in a circle. You know urine a very unique loo type of raceway. And the relief at the end of the race. I put mine in the wrong room!
    Happy new year George.
    California Steve

  13. Really cool display, Steve. 1/24 scale cars look great mounted like that, and it’s a great way to display the potpourri of things you enjoy. Happy New Year, and keep them coming !

  14. Thanks Joe, I have gotten a lot of likes from visitors to the cave. My favorite was ” Wow a 3D slot car picture” That was fun.
    Happy New Year Joe!
    California Steve

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