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U 214 Type VIID Minelayer, Revell 1/144

Hi, something more simple modelling after Robs stellar diorama ( oh well )
Sometimes i finish something, this time a Type VIID mine layer submarine, started long time ago and recovered from the “project box” some weeks ago, why it went there, i don t know.
Its build right out of the box, i only added some wire and stretched sprue details to the 8,8 cm gun, there is a compare pic with a gun right out of the box from a second submarine project.(U-201, type VIIC )
The gun barrel from the 2 cm was replaced by a steel needle.
For the antennas i used the first time Ez line in company with brass wire and stretched sprues.
The isolators on the antennas were done with drops from wood glue.
One antenna /Flagpole was damaged/bent in the photo session 🙁
Weathering with acrylics and a lot of drybrushing, not too overdone because its 1/144
Not every sub went home as a weather beaten wreck.
Hope you like it


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26 responses to U 214 Type VIID Minelayer, Revell 1/144

  1. Great job Bernd. Love the weathering.

  2. Ein ausgezeichnetes U-boot mein Freund!!! Very nice indeed. I like the small detail very much!!! Well done Bernd!!!

    • Vielen Dank mein freund 🙂
      The hull was primed in a very dark color and than cloudy sprayed with a lighter tone. After it was dry i polished and slightly sanded the surface to bring out the raised panels as subtle as possible.
      If this works on a submarine it will work on Monogram kits as well.
      The details on this little gun make the gun on the bigger 1/72 U-502 look plain…..

  3. Nice work Bernd. Like the fact that the weathering is restrained.

  4. The weathering/detail work is very convincing, Bernd….you’ve done a nice job with this. The matchstick reference shows me that this kit is pretty good size, despite being 1/144th scale.

  5. Great work Bernd, subtle weathering just right.
    The detail work is spot on too.
    Nice pics as well.
    Good one Mate.

  6. Hi Bernd, like the U214, I’m finishing off a 1/72 Revell V11C with the CMK detail sets and the sides cut away to show the internal details, rather a large project.
    Like yours though, Steve.

    • Thank you Steve, can t wait to see your big one ! Build this type in 1/72 some years back, oob.
      This will be a stunning sight with all the goodies build in.
      Large ships have one advantage against big aircraft kits :
      Ships has no wingspan ( big sailing ships excluded)

  7. Sehr schön, herzliche Glückwünsche Bernd!
    I especially like the deck. It really gives that impression or a thin an hollow deck, or rather a grating, on top of the pressure hull.

  8. Awesome mate, especially for the size. The weathering is very convincing! Very impressive!

  9. Ausgezeichnet presentation Bernd. In this scale it would be quite large. So it will make a nice display. Your presentation and images are well done. Thanks for sharing a sub variant that most people probably didn’t know was operated by the German Navy.

  10. Thank you Chuck, will post some more naval stuff here in 2015.
    1/144 is a nice scale for ships, ranging from Revells big Fletcher class destroyers to smaller submarine types. naval aviation can be added too.
    And yes, the “D” type is more unknown, not many were build and the mine capabilities were not so displayed in the propaganda.
    Maybe, its time for some facts about the real one:
    U-214 was commisioned on November 1st. 1941, the boat made ten war patrols and sunk three ships and a warship and damaged some others.
    The sunk warship was the U.S Navy Gato Class sub U.S.S Dorado SS248, which ran on a mine laid by U-214.
    Here is a link of an interesting web site.
    U-214 was often attacked by planes but it survived every time.
    The boat was fitted with a schnochel device and was send on her 10th war patrol in the channel to attack the allied landings in the Normandy.
    It was a mission named in german as a ” Himmelfahrtskommando” and it was, the boat was detected and sunk by depth charges with all hands on board.
    The minelayer type was released some years ago from Revell but it s currently out of production, the “hump” behind the tower reminds me a bit on cold was SSBNs.
    A Type VIIC boat is on the way and the later VIIC/41 as well, i hope i can get Trumpys Gato class kits too
    A big Type VIIC/41 in 1/72 will follow as well, we will see.
    Thanks for the kind reply

  11. Nice job, very clean build, weathering of the hull is not overdone in appearence.

  12. Like it? I love it! Beautiful weathering Bernd. Please post some more.

    • Thanky you very much for this compliment, Tony 🙂
      The next boat, is currently a “blob” of masking tape, both kits were startded well before i started to photographing my progress.
      U-201 was started on New Years eve 2014 and i hope i get her done in early January.

  13. Bernd, what a great looking model! And in such a small scale. Very impressive. The isolators with a drop of glue are a great modeling tip. I’m gonna steal that one for sure. Thanks for posting, and the build narrative.
    California Steve

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