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Bf 109 Down In Flames!

So I mentioned that I was building a Bf 109 and here it is. This is Revell Germany’s Bf 109 K4. From the beginning of the kit I knew I wanted to have the plane all shot up and the pilot bailing out. I got the general I idea from Jack Mugan but added some of my own stuff. So I first thinned out the plastic and drilled holes which I then enlarged with a hobby knife. The detail was simple and I decided to leave it the way it was except for making seat belts from foil. I fit all the components together and gave the plane a paint job and then got to the task of making all the realistic adjustments. I first put on the decals, they were alright after they dried the edges silvered and I had to put down more future than usual. Then the whole plane got a black wash and I picked out the silver details with a brush. The smoke and fire is cotton pulled from cotton swabs and glued and painted. I originally was going to have the rudder hanging by its “last wires” but it mysteriously went missing, so I substituted with frayed wire ends where the rudder would have been. Also the front canopy went missing and I had to scratch build that. I doesn’t look that good but it still is better than none. Then for the final touch, the pilot. I went to my figures box and there were no people that looked anything close to what I wanted. So I took a sitting figure, cut his legs off. Cut off his arms, so I just had a torso and a head, then stuck the legs on to make him look like he was standing and make all the joints flush with super glue. Now I had a body. I then made a parachute from putty and all his harnesses are wine foil and I then painted him up and stuck him on with the canopy still in his hands, from pushing it up. Then I rooted through my stash till I found a stand that would work. Hope you like it!

Nate Kiker

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19 responses to Bf 109 Down In Flames!

  1. Interesting effects. I think my only comment re display would be it might be more effective if poised on a long, small diameter tube painted black, as this would give it a feel of height over a heavier base. That said, an unusual presentation and great to see people thinking out of the box.

  2. Wow, that ones flow through a B-17 Box formation, and everyones hit him! Good effort.

  3. This is awesome Nate. Like it very much!!!

  4. Like the flames. Looking at the damage to the aircraft that’s one lucky pilot.

  5. Very nice modeling! Thanks!

  6. Looks very good Nate, like the ideas.
    The great thing about forums is that you can learn new things from it.
    That in turn can move your ideas into reality.
    Well done mate.

  7. I guess he must have been one of those Sonnder kommando elbe pilots, that used their aircraft to ram the allied bomber formations. Otherwise, his props wouldn’t be bent backward already. Very imaginative, Nathaniel.

  8. that’s pretty impressive

  9. Nate: Good job on both the idea and the realization. Damaged aircraft are hard to do successfully, you got it.

  10. I’ve never seen a model in flames, great idea and build. The pilot must have had some hard times up there:) and great job on the wings, it makes me want to try something like this.

  11. Well thought out and executed, Nate, bring your imagination to life like this must be very rewarding.

  12. Well done Nate…hope you are bringing it to the next meeting.

  13. I have wanted to do a diorama mounting two adversaries in flight, with a victor swooping over the vanquished (who is in the process of bailing out). This gave some great ideas! I was thinking pacific theater…

    I also bought a set of Soccer War decals for building Corsairs that were adversaries during that conflict. I may go that route with the battle damage diorama.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Great battle damage special effects, Nate! Looks like a surface to air missile exploded nearby.

    Awesome aerial diorama / scene.

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