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Blackbird Bizjet (version 2)

Lockheed L-1271-10 “what-if” ten-passenger bizjet in Ferrari F1 Team scheme. The idea for this came out of my brain that didn’t have enough sense to figure the first version was sufficient. Therefore, not satisfied with the six-passenger version, it morphed into “gotta do a ten-passenger version.” That, of course, meant one kit each wouldn’t be long enough, so my stash sacrificed two Hasegawa Falcon-10 and two Testors SR-71A kits to the build.

It commenced the bash by cutting two Falcon-10 kits apart and attaching the fuselages to make the 10-passenger cabin. Next, I did the same with two SR-71 fuselages to match the extension of the Falcon-10. After that, it was pretty much the same process I did with the version 1 build by patching the stretched Falcon-10 fuselage into the stretched SR-71A.

To compensate for the lengthened fuselage, I added 18″ in scale to the height and length of the vertical stabilizers and to the length and lateral width of the elevators.

The cockpit is far more detailed than v1 using resin seats and other fiddly bits. The cabin is populated with the parts from the Hasegawa kit, but is much more detailed with wood-panel decals I made, fine linen fabric on the seats with seat belts added. As with v1, the foyer and boarding steps are scratch built, the door is made into one piece from the two Falcon-10 parts. The decals are all done using PhotoShop and printed with an Epson inkjet on a white decal sheet. The paint is Testors Enamel Italian Red.

I commenced the build in 2006, encountered both filler and paint problems. So I let it languish for several years pending finding a solution to both problems, finally completed it September of 2012.

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10 responses to Blackbird Bizjet (version 2)

  1. The surgery to create this sleek bird is v ery extensive!!! Well done!!! What is the XB 70 going to morph into. Maybe an SST in a striking airline scheme?

  2. Thanks for the kind words. XB-70 … hmmmm … it has been on the bench, as you see it, since … hmmmm … 1990. I got frustrated with the really awful vac formed parts, so it got set aside. I only posed them together for size contrast. If I ever finish it, it will be as AV1.

  3. Hats of for a creative and well done conversion Bruce.
    I especially liked the rugs and the seat covers in the passengers cabin.
    It’s always great to see this combination of humour, creativity and skills.

  4. Wow! That is re4ally extensive with a superlative result. My hat is off to you on these. What could you do with a B-58?

  5. ABSOLUTELY ! I love them all !

  6. Like the collage of drivers on the fins. Also, thanks for the in process shots. Didn’t even know a 1/48 Falcon was available! I’ll have to look for one and some Coast Guard livery to build for a Coastie I know!

  7. Very nice indeed! Mach 3 in a luxury cabine with leather seats and a glass of Chianti..

  8. Thanks all for the kind words, much appreciated. I had a day free to post, now back to work for the next five weeks, so no time to post or follow. Frown# See ya’ll in five weeks!

  9. Bruce,
    Incredible work and an amazing imagination

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