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Dragon 1/32 Me109-E4

My latest creation. This is an incredible kit, which I have built pretty much OOB. The box is crammed with parts and quite a few spares, which mainly refer to the engine for Dragons Bf110 in the same scale. Levels of detail and engineering are more than equal to any equivalent Tamiya kit in this scale, and for only about half the price.

I really enjoyed this build, it is quite complex and demands attention to detail, but you are well rewarded with a very detailed engine, ammo bins, armament, cockpit and wheel wells. The only replacements I made to OOB was to use Airscale cockpit dial decals, and SAC metal legs, which i do on all my models, just because they travel to shows, and need to be just that bit more robust to prevent breakage.

All painting is done in Gunze Mr Colour acrylics, decals went on very well, and the whole model is weathered with oil washes and paints. I probably spent about 30 hours on it in total, most of which was in completing the internals. A highly recommended kit! Enjoy!

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10 responses to Dragon 1/32 Me109-E4

  1. Looks superb.

    The Netherlands.

  2. Great looking kit, Ian. Think I might have preferred the build photos in a WIP thread, with more images of the finished project in Headlines, but at any rate, a fine build.

  3. Amazing!!! You definitely brought out the most in this kit!!! Well done.

  4. Hi Ian that’s one stunning build and that cat looks good.
    Regards Steve.

  5. Looks to be a nicely done build, Ian….tell me, when you say it “…demands attention to detail..”, does that have anything to do with somewhat vague and unclear instructions?
    I ask because when I did Dragons 1/6th scale machine guns (search my blog), the “directions” were simply an exploded view of all the parts with arrows pointing in the general direction of their placement. No concise method of what went exactly where or when it went there during the assembly. I had to do a lot of ‘back-tracking’ when building those guns and used the glue sparingly – at first – just in case I discovered I had to do something different from what I thought obvious. Jus’ sayin’….did Dragon improve any in that area of their manufacture?
    Again, nice finish on your ‘109 – I like it a lot.

    • Hi Craig,
      When I say demands attention, it was mainly as an observation on the levels of detail that demand time spent on bringing them out to their best.
      I understand what you mean about Dragon instructions, and there are a couple of areas where it suffers from this, but thankfully, they are minor. In the main this is a phenomenal kit, with the fit of parts being exemplary.
      Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Nice build sir, lovely details.
    Looks good to me.
    Well done mate.

  7. Ian,
    Great looking Emil-Nicely done all around. I’m currently building the same kit and agree with you that it is a nicely engineered kit. The only fit problem I have had with it is the cowling cover for the machine guns. I’m curious, did you had the same problem?
    Once again, nice build.

  8. Nice 109 Ian, with a lot of great details, its very tempting to get the Dragon kit

  9. Very nice. 🙂 I’m almost tempted to leave my beloved 1/48 for a go at one of these. Great job.

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