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Italeri Crusader III, 1/35

Here’s my just completed 2nd model tank, a British Crusader III done in decals and paint to represent 7th Hussars (cool word…”hussars”) 4th Armoured Brigade, 7th Armoured Division XIII Corps, 8th Army, North Africa, 1942, so the instructions say. I liked the camo colors and pattern, reminds me of a rattlesnake.

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13 responses to Italeri Crusader III, 1/35

  1. Ralph, you are getting to be a renaissance guy! This is great, like your Stuart.
    What’s next?

  2. Hussars are cool. Idea came from Hungarian light cavalry, and they had some of the fanciest uniforms in the Army.
    I think the 7th were the Queens Own,(so were others) and according to this book I have on the British Army in August 1914, blue uniforms with yellow facings, and stripes down the trousers, boots and spurs.
    All that went away with the horses.
    The cavalry traditions are still observed, though they drive tanks, as in the Western Desert, in WW II.

  3. Your Crusader looks very nice Ralph!!! The South African Armoured Corps also used them in North Africa during WW II and later transitioned to the Sherman. Their Crusaders were painted in a similar desert scheme.

  4. A nice representation, Ralph….keep up the good work and keep those posts comin’ – 🙂

  5. Good build Ralph. Great camo.

  6. Nice Crusader, Ralph. Not too often seen build today.

  7. Like it Ralph! I was gonna get this kit, but I see Airfix are re-releasing their 1/32 scale one, and depending on the price comparison I might get that. Great job 🙂

  8. Love it Ralph.
    A nicely built tank.
    Well done mate.

  9. Thanks everyone. I tried not to over-weather this, but aimed for it to look dusty.

  10. Nice. I like you went for “less is more” because it certainly is here.

  11. I’m with you on the subtle weathering, Ralph, the Crusader looks like a real Hussar!

  12. Thanks Tom and George. I’m learning it is very, very easy to “over weather” but practically impossible to “un-weather”!

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