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Monogram 48th F-84G & F-106A in NMF

From the “way back machine”, another pair of classic Monogram kits done with (you guessed it) Model Master Buffable Metalizer rattle cans. A coat of Future, a little nose weight, kit decals and viola…finito.
I also did the Monogram F-106A Delta Dart in all NMF – a “what-if” NASA bird. It’s been around a while as well. A gentle bath in some warm water and [most] of the dust has disappeared.
I believe this is the first two-for-one post on iModeler. Wonder if that’s allowed? Martin…?

23 additional images. Click to enlarge.

38 responses to Monogram 48th F-84G & F-106A in NMF

  1. Very nice Craig. I am sure two-fers are OK, at least I hope so.
    California Steve

  2. Craig: That F-106 is a great idea. I know they had at least one of them, which they flew into thunderstorms(!)It got hit multiple times, and kept on, regardless.
    Like the All Weather Flying outfit in the late 40s, who did the same thing with T-6s, P-61s with the red tails and wingtips, bordered by yellow scallops.
    Both are very nice, the NMF sure is your forte.

  3. On second thought, flying around as a lightning rod, whilst armed with a Genie missile, doesn’t seem like something your friendly insurance agent would be on board with.
    “Boy, look at that lightning flash, oops! what’s that mushroom cloud!”
    That was the “problem” with the Genie, which I saw someone compare with using a sledgehammer to swat a fly.

  4. Hey, you wuz thinking BOTH in and out of the box, not bad.
    I’m still trying to get my mind around the twofer idea, but hope springs eternal?

  5. These are two of my favourite USAF birds. They both look stunning in NMF. Love the sexy 6. Apart from the aborted Blackbird interceptor, the F 106 is still the nicest looking interceptor the USAF / ADC ever had. WELL DONE!

  6. Those look great Craig. Did the “Bath” remove some of the decals from the F-106A?

  7. Good looking aircraft, good looking finish equals unbeatable combination.
    Really nice Craig.

  8. Notice the weapons trapezes are down in the one photo? Well worn aircraft. too.
    I think I heard that someone is gonna do a two seat F-106 this year, Trumpeter? They have a single seater out already.

  9. A very nice “double post” Craig love them both. Your NMF looks superb and the added details in the F-84 Cockpit are a nice touch.
    Great modelling 🙂

  10. Man, Craig. You sure know how to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  11. I knew this was yours as soon as I saw the headline picture, you have a definite knack with the NMF. I especially like the F84, it looks like a ‘real’ plane to me.

  12. Love the NMF Craig – prior to reading your tutorial, I had never thought of sealing the rattlecan nmf with Future. You sure made it work nicely. great finishes on both. Keep digging out those builds!

  13. wow…beautiful paair

  14. Nice builds on both birds. I especially liked the results on the Thunderjet. Good job and a most realistic NM finish. I’m in total agreement with comments made by others about your ability in handling NM finishes. Those old Monogram kits still have much to offer and in the hands of a skilled modeler can produce outstanding results as your models demonstrate. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing what’s next from you.

  15. Great work. You have really nailled the NMF without the use of Alclad. Very impressive builds there. Well done.

  16. Nice clean build(s). The older jet’s finishes look great compared to today’s low viz planes. Great job on both.

  17. Two for the price of one sounds good to me Craig, and those two are no exception, the rattle can master strikes again.
    Well done mate.

  18. Always enjoy viewing your NFM finished A/C . Nice work

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