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My Rat Rod… With a bit of mood lighting. New photos and blabbering added!..

This was modeled after a actual car. The only difference is I added a Offenhauser engine.
Here is the updated blabbering.

I first saw this car in California in a hot rod magazine. A year after I built her I met the real car and owner in Bowling Green Kentucky at the NHRA Hot Rod Reunion. The car is owned by John Corker, brother to Corky Corker who owns the tire company that produces old style tires with new technology. The original car is a huge surprise. The complete drive train is new Cadillac. And you do recline while riding. I went with a Offey engine, taking inspiration from a hot rod built by Louis Center the owner of Anson racing wheel fame. The model has been chopped (lowered the roof) and channeled, (cut the body out where it meets the frame to lower it) Like the original car I left it rough with no effort to smooth out the welding or cut lines. I have also added a photo of the original car.

I hope you like.
California Steve

9 additional images. Click to enlarge.

30 responses to My Rat Rod… With a bit of mood lighting. New photos and blabbering added!..

  1. Wow, man, my first thought: I want to drive it! Great job and I think more light would give it more splendour – hard to see the details, but anyway, it’s so coool.

  2. Cool build (and photos) as usual, Steve….only thing is, I can’t tell what color it really is. That pic of the rear end actually looks like – RUST… 🙁

  3. She looks menacing Steve!!! The lighting add to an aura of mystery. Well done!!!

  4. Why the moon lite photos?

    Cold hearted orb that rules the night
    Removes the colors from our sight
    Red is grey and yellow white
    But we decide which is right
    And which is an illusion?
    Moody Blues.
    Hey I just had to add some rock culture here.
    Thanks for the nice comments guys
    California Steve

  5. Spectacular work and as usal with an outstanding presentation !
    Your posts are always exciting .

  6. How about a little build info Steve. I have wanted to do one of these for a long time. Do you have any construction photos?

    • Jack, the best info on building is to measure and cut. This body style because of the straight up and down design of the window pillars lends well to being chopped. When I went to lower the body to the frame I cut a bit test fitted cut again etc. It is a fun project. And being a Rat Rod if you goof just paint it with primer. It adds character to your model.
      California Steve

  7. From what I can see Steve it looks good. Can you lighten the mood (play on words) & post some more images?

  8. Like it Steve, great mood in the pics.
    Nice one mate.

  9. Steve that is very cool!

  10. Steve:
    Do you drive this in the prone position? I’ve heard of lowered, (as in “praise the…”) but this….
    However, I hope you have a good chiropractor.
    It ain’t the nerves that are gonna be wrecked, it’s the spinal column.

    • Hey Benard. I had a chance to see the real car and the seating position is best described as relaxing in a recliner with your feet up. I’d probably be falling asleep if it wasn’t for the roar of the engine. The challenge is getting in and out of the darn thing.
      Take care,
      California Steve

  11. Yet another one for the cool wall (do you guys know what that is?). Great work again, Steve, I envy you being able to make models that reflect what you have in your mind.

  12. Thank you very much George. I was glad I was able to find a photo of the real car to show why I just had to do a model of one. I might have to whoop out another rat rod sometime this year. Let me see…..
    Red primer..Check.
    Rust powers..Check.
    White wall tires..Check.
    Flat head Ford.. Check.
    A victim ?????
    I will keep you posted.
    Thank you for the nice comments.
    California Steve

  13. Yes I want one! Great model, and it looks cool with the mood lighting!

  14. Thanks for posting the brighter pictures Steve. Now it looks even better. Similar to the one from Gas Monkey Garage but theirs runs a diesel.

  15. Thanks again Al. Now I have to go because I just spotted your green Hot Rod post.
    California Steve

  16. Like this one, Steve. Crazy look and finishes.

  17. Thank you Rob, It was a fun project.
    California Steve

  18. CA Steve,
    Another of your little creative beauties. I really like this and like your patter. Enjoy looking at all of your posts.

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