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Revell 1/48th F-89C/D Scorpion

I guess this will be the last “old” NMF build I will bore you with. All (or most) others can be found on my blog. But I noticed this particular example was only pictured once (I believe) within that NMF tutorial post – as was that F-84F, but I no longer have it.

This one was REALLY dirty – it hangs very near the litter box (which is the cause of the majority of the ‘dust’ in the model room – and, NO, moving the kitty port-a-john unfortunately isn’t an option).

13 additional images. Click to enlarge.

30 responses to Revell 1/48th F-89C/D Scorpion

  1. Bored? Let them come !
    Its again a very nice one, the Revell F-89 is not so often seen build. Your NMF looks really nice, did you still have it ?

  2. Bored? Never!
    That is one big airplane! Good looking, too!

  3. What a sad trip down memory lane for me. This was one of my favouriteRevell/Monos until a house move resulted in its destruction. Sadly this beautifulbeast is no longer inproduction!!! 🙁 Awesome model Craig. Your finish on this one is masterclass!!!

  4. The Scorpion is one of my favorite pointy nose aircraft Craig. You really did it justice with this build.

  5. Lovely work Craig, never bored with this.

  6. that old dust bunny is looking good…dusty gold

  7. Alright, I can’t help myself!
    “Psst! Dirty airplanes?”

    • Yeah….like I said, most of my stuff is openly displayed (uncovered) by either sittin’ on shelves or hangin’ from the ceilin’….all out in the “model room” (sun porch) where, as luck would have it, or more specifically, where SWMBO would have it, sits the cats’ litter box. So when I clean it, there are airborne particles of cat litter strewn about in the air, along with the normal household dust. The boxes’ location is non-negotiable, so it’s an ongoing battle – well, actually not much of a battle, I don’t do a regular “dusting” of the models, so I clean them only under specific circumstances, i.e. relocation, photo-ops, etc. End of story. I hope this explains the ‘dirty airplanes’ phenomena.

  8. Wow,that’s one good looking plane, Craig, dirty or not. You’re lucky to have the space to display your models, with or without the dust problem, it’s one reason why I don’t do aircraft models (but watch this space!)

  9. Nothing better than a clean post there Craig. (snicker)
    Very nice looking build. I have also been wanting to do a model of this aircraft. Yours looks fantastic.
    California Steve

  10. Awesome bare metal finish on that mate!

  11. Great Scorpion! I’m glad Revell decided to put one out, and then decided to do this one! I just don’t like the fact that they molded the rocket stubs onto the lower wing. I have one waiting in the wings, but I’m swapping the lower wing halves from a D/J kit that I have a “what if” planned that involves SEA camouflage. If I remember correctly, the canopy didn’t have the center rib scribed in making a conversion to an A or B that much easier! (Although I believe some or all were retrofitted with the later canopy and fins on the tip tanks.) All you need to fake it are some external mass balances on the elevator!
    Here ya on the litter box situation as well. Small price to pay for the love of my fat feline!

  12. I love that kit, built it once many years ago, sadly didn’t survive the military moving process. Yours looks great, your NMF is always top notch!

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