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Revell T-80B 1/72 scale

Hi, here is another build from my 1/72 tank collection, was my second (new) one. Right after the Revell T-72. Done before new years eve 2013/14.
This is an older kit, released under the Matchbox and Monogram label as well, its more on the crude side by todays standart, but fun to build.

The parts needed some clean up, especially the snorkel and the small stuff, some sinkholes had to be filled.
Made some additions to the otherwise oob build.
The headlights got “guards” over, done by stretched sprue
The front skirt, seen on these tanks were made by thin plastic card
The turret was improved with an additional smoke grenade launcher, some “wires” seen on pics and the small handlight looking aft at the back of the turret were added.
The fuel drums were altered to remove the big seam running through them.
The holes at the back plate/engine deck were closed and the “log” was added using a sprue.
Painted with Revell colors and weathered with acrylics and some drybrushing. the sand color was sprayed on, the green was brushed on.
Maybe i am able to replace the “8,8 flak gun” with a more true to scale replica of the anti aircraft mgs seen on russian or soviet tanks.

Not much time for modelling right now, but this was a beautiful day with good light conditions outside.

Hope you like it


4 additional images. Click to enlarge.

31 responses to Revell T-80B 1/72 scale

  1. A fine tank there Bernd, well executed and finished.
    Also on that scale too.
    Well done mate.

  2. Another great little addition to the 72nd armored division. Looking forward to the build of the “other” modeler in the household. 🙂

  3. Wow, that’s a diddy model. As they said of one of my old girlfriends, “small, but perfectly formed…”

  4. Nice addition to your growing collection Morne.
    I have both 72nd & 35th scale armor kits in the stash & seem to enjoy the Braille scale kits more. Don’t know why. Working on the new RofG Nashorn now.
    Hope it turns out as good as yours.

  5. Another nice addition to your tank addition, Bernd. I especially like the subtle weathering which your photographs show off so well.

  6. Bernd, great job! I have to try one of these. They look like a lot of fun.
    Good stuff!
    California Steve

  7. Guten Tag Bernd. Ausgezeichnet!!! This is a superb model, a real winner. Well done. Love the small details!!!

  8. Comparing to especially the Challenger you posted some time to go I can see that this is further away on your learning curve, especially detail-wise. But it is still a nice tank!

    That AA-MG, as you write yourself it could do with some improvement. Now it is more like some kind of secondary artillery 🙂 !

    I HAVE TO DO some small scale armour…



  9. Great build Bernd. I’d never have known it was an older kit unless you had mentioned. All that additional detailing has paid off. Well done mate.

  10. Thank you very much, Gregor. The T-80 and the M4A1 were among the first 1/72 tanks Revell produced. These kits were first released at the beginning of the 1990s.They can be build into nice replicas.

  11. Nice tank again mate! Sometimes I wish I’d started building in a smaller scale so I could have more in my collection.
    I was thinking for your tank collection mate, what about doing a military museum diorama? A bit of marble or even a paving stone for a base, then fishing braid for the ropes, very cheap to do! What do you think? And feel free to tell me to mind my own business!!

    • Thank you very much for your compliment, Richard.
      Yes in the scale you can have much more AFVs and loosing not too much room, i don t think they are harder to build than 1/35 kits.
      And thanks again for this idea, why not. My initial idea for this collection is a 1/72 world of tanks, we will see how it ends.
      Feel free to tell me your ideas 🙂

  12. Very nice, the 1:72 subjects in vehicles present their own type of “challege” to the builder, especially as one’s eyes don’t do the job they used to!

  13. Hi Mike, thank you very much. This is Fiddly but you have fiddly stuff on bigger kits too.
    There is help with eyes that refused to do their job, just an idea, check out this link, my sister is much older than me, has problems with her eyes and do necklaces with this

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