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Saab J-21R

One of the planes from the First Jets Era. J-21R was a jet-powered version of a J-21 propeller plane, designed in Sweden by Saab during WWII.

A short-run kit in 1/72 scale by Special Hobby. It also has some resin and photo-etched parts. Kit parts fits well, especially for a short run. Painted with Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics, weathered with oils and Tamiya pigments.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge.

11 responses to Saab J-21R

  1. An unusual and beautifully modelled subject.

  2. Unique, nicely built and photographed. Very good work, sir.

  3. Very nice model. Like the colour scheme on this aircraft. Well done!!!

  4. AS the above, an unusual plane in aspects.
    Well done Dmitry.

  5. Impressive little build. Not often seen this and the piston engined version.
    The small detailing on the landing gear is really outstanding.
    Great build and well presented.

  6. Even though I know nothing about this I somehow knew it was designed by Saab. A very distinctive plane, and beautifully modelled by you.

  7. A rare model of an equally rare plane. So rare that the Swedish Air Force Museum had to modify a standard J-21 (of which there are also not many left) just to have one represented in the Flygvapnenmuseum. The J-21 is a fine looking plane, but looks better with the slightly swept wings and tip tanks. (Some planes just don’t look right without ’em!) You did a great job capturing it and nice photography as well. What color green did you use, or is it a custom mix?

  8. Thank you for your comments, guys! I really appreciate it.

  9. Brilliant Dmitry. Great photos too.

  10. Dmitry! You really managed to nail this one, it looks perfectly right colour-wise! And from my “home squadron” as well, F 10 at Ängelholm (sadly closed as a military base since more than a decade but the airfield is still operational as Helsingborg/Ängelholm airport!).



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