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Scratch built MRAP with full working suspension.

I have been working on this project for over a year off and on. So long I managed to blow out a headlight and loose the wiper blades along the way. So I am just going to post her up. This, except for the wheels and machine gun and crew is completely from scratch. There were a bunch of exterior bits from the scrap box. This is the first model that I sketched and cut out all of the body panels. The windows are from a plastic supply store. When I first saw them I said “oh cool MRAP windows”. This is what really got me going on this project. I also wanted to see if I could design a MRAP that was halfway a descent presentation of something that could have been. The interior is a basic transport. Soooo, here is the story. We had orders to pick up and insert this patrol deep into the badlands. We never could figure out what country they were from. They didn’t say a word. But they were well armed. After hours of driving across the desert we dropped them off at the designated location. We never saw or heard about them again. I hope they did well.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it!
I hope you enjoy the madness.
California Steve

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16 responses to Scratch built MRAP with full working suspension.

  1. Thinking outside the box again, Steve…? It turned out really well… could pass for a futuristic lunar rover (especially posed with that base you’ve got it on). Now you’ve gotta post a video so we can see the independent suspension at work. 🙂

    • Thanks Craig. Your moon comment is right on. If you have ever been to Glamis sand dunes or the Mojave desert this is what it looks like. That’s why NASA trained the Apollo crews there. As for the video. Do you really want to see a grown man on his hands and knees pushing around a model in the dirt. I would have to find the jar of moonshine before I got the nerve. I think I will save my dignity for a few more days.
      I am glad you liked my project.
      California Steve

  2. A fertile mind at work again. Great work.

  3. Superb Steve!! The working suspension looks great!!

  4. This is a great showcase of modelling skills. Nicely presented, Steve!

  5. A result from great creativuty, thats really impressive Steve, well done !
    For me, i am always glad to get the stuff in the box together 😉

  6. Hey Steve, great imagination , sorry about the cheese sandwich bit.
    Nicely thought out sir.
    Well done mate.

  7. I didn’t realise this is a ‘what if’ until I read your story again! Great use of different materials (although I’m sure I’ve seen those wheels somewhere before!) to create something from your imagination.

  8. Hey thanks George. Yes I should really get on line and spend some scheckles
    on more modern wheel and tire sets. I just like the big high flotation look of these. I tried fitting some LAV-25 wheel sets but they just looked wimpy next to these gumballs.
    Thanks for the nice comment.
    California Steve

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