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Tamiya 1/48 Me 262

Did this one a while ago – pretty much OOB, with Eduard seatbelts, and some added antenna wires and brake lines. Decals are from EagleStrike. Paints are Gunze Aqueous and Tamiya. Like any of the newer Tamiya kits, it was a pleasure to build. Not a lot of serious model skills required to obtain a decent result. I am a huge fan of their kits. In fact, in looking back at my posts here, I see most of them (not by design) are from Tamiya!

Guess it’s time for me to tackle something in the Limited Run category. I have a bunch in the stash that would fit that bill, but I keep coming back to these kits. Gotta break that cycle. Stay tuned to see if I manage to do that!

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15 responses to Tamiya 1/48 Me 262

  1. A very nice looking Schwalbe. Well done Paul!!!

  2. Tamiya kits, they usually go together well, their decals let them down.
    Lovely Me 262 Paul.
    Well done mate.

    • HI Simon – thanks very much! I was indeed of the same opinion on Tamiya decals (and Hasegawa), but I have found using very warm/hot water to dip them in, then pressing on them with a warm cloth seems to do the trick. The Gunze decal softener also helps. But for me usually the warm cloth is enough to take care of them – they look thick on the sheet, but it does work. Having said all that, I do end up using aftermarket decals on most of their kits!

      • It`s a shame Paul, but I will keep the hot towel idea in memory for future use.
        Thanks mate.

        • I should elaborate a bit Simon – here is what I do:
          – dip decals in warm water and apply to the model
          – put a few drops of water on a cloth rag and put in microwave for a few seconds to heat it up
          – press this rag over the decal to help it conform
          The heat seems to do the trick and the ‘thickness’ present on these Japanese decals disappears. I notice that WNW recommends using a hair dryer to help their decals conform, so I think the heat idea is doing the same thing there (of course their decals are MUCH thinner to start, but the concept applies) 🙂
          I remember a few Tamiya kits (like the Betty) had Scalemaster “Invisiclear” decals and they were a real pleasure to work with – not sure why that didn’t last!

  3. Nice job on the mottle camouflage!
    Did you do it by free hand, or did you use masks?

  4. man…that is perfection

  5. Nicely done indeed, Paul….that paint job is superb – as is the photography (and you’re quite right….hard to wrong with anything Tamiya produces).

  6. Thanks very much for the nice comments Morne, Bob and Craig!

    Ulf – the mottle is all free-hand Gunze Aqueous paints, just thinned down a bunch

  7. I think most people will agree with you about the quality of Tamiya kits, and you’ve made a great job of this one, very nice finish.

  8. Beautiful 262, Paul, great mottling.

  9. Beautiful paint !
    but the intrados is too perfectly clean…

  10. Love it Paul. A very nicely presented 262. Great job.

  11. Hello Paul….Very nicely done and excellent mottling work. Looks great and I most certainly agree with the comments above regarding the high quality of Tamiya’s kits.

  12. I like it Paul. I love the Me 262 with its lines and camo.

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