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Zvezda La-5FN 1/48

Dear all,

I would like to present one of my works recently. Even the finish was not up to my expectations due to the color is a little bit off, the chipping is incorrect at some panel but overall I’m happy with it. The kit is the La-5 from Zvezda with Eduard photoetch set for cockpit and Karaya resin engine with lots of scratchbuild details. Gunze paint was used.

Thanks for watching 🙂

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25 responses to Zvezda La-5FN 1/48

  1. Again a stunner, Nguyen. Impressive build great paintwork and a spot on weathering.
    You like radials ? Thats the part of your build, which is really impressive.
    The amount of engine details (the engine in Zvezdas box has no really detail)
    the paint and the “used” appearance of the engine is outstanding !
    Great build 🙂

  2. As Bernd said, a very nicely built La 5 Nguyen.
    Lovely work on the engine mate.
    Well done sir.

  3. A very impressive model Nguyen!!! Well done!!!

  4. Well….if the color(s) and weathering, i.e. ‘chipping’ are “off”, as you say, I certainly can’t tell where or how! Nice job.

  5. Wow. Love it. Great job.

  6. Madre de Dios! Look at that engine!
    That’s it! I’m taking up macrame or jigsaw puzzles! Or sudaku… Or the bourbon zylophone!

  7. Thank you all for your conment. This model was entered a local online completion and get 5.5 out of 10 due to “color and chipping are incorrect, one seams lines on the left wing, no Ariel line for the radio and last but not least no cowling display with the plane so this model is incomplete” I quoted the judge 🙂

  8. That “judge” had his head where most judges keep theirs (i.e., someplace not nice.”) Was that i***t there when they painted that airplane in the factory, to be sure the paint was mixed and tinted properly. I don’t see where any chipping was “incorrect” unless the drooler was too frickin’ stupid to know La-5s are made of wood. I’d like to see his collection of “award-winning beauty.” What an HUA i***t!

    That model is about a 9.5 on a scale of 10.0 – a 10/10 on the engine alone. It’s certainly one of the best I have seen here.

    People wonder I don’t waste my time on model clubs.

  9. Makes one wonder what this “judge” was referencing when quoting your ‘omissions’…? How can one’s chipping be incorrect? Does the judge think there is a standardized chipping pattern for all aircraft? As to the left wing, I see no seam line. I do, however, see the antenna wire.
    The only thing I CAN agree with (sort of), is the fact that I was wondering the same thing when viewing your pics (the whereabouts of missing cowling pieces). I’d be curious to see what the “judges” would say if this example were resubmitted in the same contest. How do THEY know the exact color(s) used anyhow? 🙂

  10. Cool subject and very well done, Huy Hoang.
    All of us know this feeling: the feeling that you have just entirely and ultimately ruined the model. The other day you show it to someone and explain what happend and the reaction you get is: what on earth are you talking about?

    I really like the chippings. Right size, right position, right shininess …

  11. Great workmanship Nguyen. I’m glad I read Tom’s reply before posting mine. I was also under the impression this aircraft was mostly wood & fabric so not much chipping, maybe splinters?

  12. well done!!! (first two words typed by Kathryn, my little girl), if she’s impressed, then to the blazes with that “judge”. That detail would good on a 1/32 never mind a 1/48, good job!

  13. That engine looks amazing, Nguyen, fantastic modelling.

  14. OK – there is one – ONE! – place where the guy was not a total derp. The chipping on the wing is correct for the various little doors, and the “strap” outboard of the gear, which are metal, but not for the edge of the surface surrounding them, which is wood.. The scuffing on the trailing edge of the left wing is incorrect due to it being wood. Nothing 2 minutes with a 00000 brush can’t cure.

  15. Thank you all for your kind comments 🙂

  16. that is really impressive Nguyen. Love the engine detail. I have to pile on with everyone else in saying that judge was way out of court. Color incorrect? Was he there? I mean, you didn’t paint it pink with purple polka dots!! Beautiful work. As to the cowling panels being ‘not present’, perhaps they were taken away to be repainted in correct colors? 🙂 Very nice job on this, especially that engine.

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